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  • The Double Ds pulled out of SDCC

    Cecily said:
    asmallcat said:
    I don't blame them. I don't like GoT s8, but what good is them getting yelled at about a TV show gonna do? 
    Maybe it'll stop them from getting an Emmy.
    Not only do I hope that GOT wins the Emmy's, but I wish that there was a category for Best Showrunners, so that D&D could specifically win that Emmy too.

  • Discussion for episodes 307 & 308, "The Bite" and "The Battle of Starcourt"

    This may have already been discusses in other threads or later podcast discussions, but I think Jim said that he thinks the oldest of the actors portraying the kids is like 15 in real life.

    The guy who plays Lucas is enrolled in college. He's 17 and will be 18 this Fall. I looked it up because the dude has been sporting a goatee during the publicity rounds. 
    The girl who plays Max is 17. Finn Wolfhard is 16 going on 17 this December. The actor who plays Dustin is 16 turning 17 this September.

    Millie BB, who I thought would have been the oldest behind the guy who plays Lucas, is actually the youngest at 15.
  • Discussion for episodes 307 & 308, "The Bite" and "The Battle of Starcourt"

    Call 618-625-8313

    Its Stranger Things season 3 official hotline that acts like Murray Bauman's answering machine recording. 

    More hints leaning into Hopper being alive.
  • "Russia hates HBO's Chernobyl, decides to make its own series" - AV Club article

    redlancer said:

    To be fair, if Russian state media did a dramatic documentary of something like the Challenger/Columbia disasters, or the downfall of the Nixon administration, US would likely have some issues with it too.
    The difference would be that Americans already criticize ourselves and our history constantly in art, entertainment, and in public commentary. What could Russia say about Nixon, for example, that American filmmakers haven't already said?

    Despite our patriotism, we are probably #1 in self-loathing. I don't know, maybe the UK is #1. Either way, it's a stark contrast between us and Russia in how we are able to publicly criticize our past and current events, and even how we sometimes skew towards painting ourselves with a more negative brush just to prove that we aren't biased patriots.
  • "Russia hates HBO's Chernobyl, decides to make its own series" - AV Club article

    You know, this would be acceptable if it were stated to be a alternate historical fiction, like many have done with past events. Abe Lincoln fighting confederate vampires, for example.

    Regardless, I wonder if anyone will complain about Russian actors playing American characters? Doubtful.