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  • Who wants to join in on a Fawlty Towers commission??

    And said:
    I think it's high time this classic show gets some new attention.  I'm willing to give $50 to get it done, are there nine other fans who want to join in with me?

    I'm thinking that the guys cover four episodes.  Definitely A Touch of Class, as it's the premier and works so well as an introduction to the cast of characters.  Communication Problems has to be another, and it might even be my favorite comedic episode of television of all time.  Hotel Inspectors, Gourmet Night, Waldorf Salad, Basil the Rat, and the Germans probably round out my next level of favorites, but almost any others will work (except the Anniversary... I do not find that one nearly up to the same level as the rest of the series). 

    Anyway, who's in??
    Much as I love Fawlty Towers, that's a bit steep for me just to try and expand the fandom for a decades-old show.  I'll just tell everyone here: go watch Fawlty Towers.
  • House of the Dragon will take place during the Targaryen civil war

    Schlupp said:
    The problem is the established canon of the mother series like Targaryen can go crazy on a dime no matter what happened before. For me there would be no point to get emotionally invested in a Targaryen character ever again.
    For me there's just no point to get emotionally invested in a Benieoff/Weiss - written character. But, yeah, I don't know if I can care about this enough to watch it.
  • Walking Dead Al and Joe edition

    Wow, I skipped that episode when I saw they'd re-uploaded a different one.  I thought it was a legit guest-spot. I'm gonna have to go back to it.
  • Protests Across the America

    Alkaid13 said:
    As far as Trump remaining President I think the simplest answer is by hook and by crook he’d just cheat to win the election November exactly like he didn’t in 2016. He’s already trying to make it as hard as possible for people to vote against him and has all but admitted he’d accept foreign help to win again. It’s just way easier to win by manipulating the regular Democratic method of staying in office rather than inventing some brand new way to either cancel the election or refuse to accept its results.  The alternative would require Trump to mobilize an actual military coup and admit that he knows he couldn’t win the election. Hard to imagine that violent insurrection and interventions by our allies wouldn’t take place if Trump literally tried a literal coup. It’s what Russia and China do, they just hold sham elections in which they rig the result in their favor.
    I hate to be alarmist, and I want to say I support the protestor's cause, though I am concerned about the methods, but I think this is already an insurrection, or at least is being dealt with as such, and is likely to grow out of control.  It's been less than a week and the military is in major metro areas squaring off with citizens.  Several police were targeted by vehicles and improvised explosives were going off in major cities, on a Monday night. This is different than protests before.  I think people are done protesting and the feds are happy to antagonize a fight, in mostly Democratic cities, I should add.  Is anybody else really fucking worried right now?
  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    I'm gonna copy and paste a great comment I saw on the avclub review for this episode that highlights Kim this season.

    "It really felt like the development of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship this ENTIRE season was “a textbook example of somehow blindsiding us with what the character would obviously do.”
     From maybe the third episode onward (after the cold open with the ants devouring the ice cream), I can think of each episode having a moment where Kim did something that completely subverted our expectations. Driving back to Acker’s home in the evening, asking Jimmy to pull the con against Mesa Verde, proposing marriage after the fiasco meeting, standing up to Lalo, not allowing Jimmy to end their relationship right then and there.
    The episode titles like Wexler V. Goodman and Something Unforgivable were misleading. BCS always finds a way to go in unexpected directions, but this particular season really felt like a lesson in how to bring depth to your story by constantly subverting cliches.

    Interestingly enough, Jimmy’s disbelief to Kim’s “pew-pew” in this finale mirrors perfectly with her being stunned by Jimmy’s “S’all good, man” in the season 4 finale. They are truly in this together."

    This is really insightful, but I still don't like this heel turn Kim took in the last couple episodes and my main question in response to this comment is: why though? What precipitated her transformation this season, whether it was abrupt or not?  I get that she has always been attracted to the lightweight danger of the "grifting" lifestyle, but her response to her boyfriend getting shot at by a drug cartel is: I'm all in on destroying this affable douchebag colleague?

    Kim, in the last couple episodes bothered me not because she broke bad but because she turned stupid.  She's gonna get disbarred next season.  Spoilers!

    I still really like this show, but some of the moves being made by Kim, Lalo, AND Gus in the last couple episodes didn't really track for me.