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  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    1) Since I never saw them flip the turn signals, I thought those blinking arrows were telling my parents where to go, and I wondered how the car knew the directions to my grandma's house.  (this was before gps, so I may have been on the precipice of an actual good idea).

    2) When I was about 6 or so I figured out, all on my own, that (SPOILER) Santa Claus isn't real.  I mean, flying reindeer? Come on, I'm smarter than that; plus we didn't even have a chimney, right?  But that did leave unanswered the question of who was actually giving us those gifts every year.  My brilliant little-kid theory was that they must let all the burglars out of jail on Christmas Eve to break into everyone's house and leave presents.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Hatorian said:

    So, you're telling me we got ten years left?  At this point, I'll take it.
  • Overrated/Underrated Shows Game


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  • How to give yourself a heart attack by looking at where your money goes

    Apple's the worst for that because they don't really identify the subscription on your statement.  I swear every month I'm like "14.99 on itunes for WHAT?" and it's my HBO account.
  • Overrated/Underrated Shows Game

    Probably a lame idea, and definitely unoriginal, but I'm more than a little bored and I generally respect peoples' pop-cultural opinions here, so I had an idea for a dumb game.  I'll start with the name of a show.  Whoever responds can simply say "underrated," "overrated," or "properly rated," indicating where they believe the critical general consensus of the public lies.  It's very scientific. 

    So as not to derail the chain with arguments, because I abhor disorder, forum users can indicate whether they agree (using the like button) or disagree (using the..."funny" button? no hard feelings).  Then someone can tally all the votes and publish their studied findings for all the world to see.  or something.  Ready?  Begin!


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