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  • Locke and Key - Netflix

    I've been looking forward to this series for about ten years after reading the comic, so suffice to say I was pretty, pretty hyped for it to premier on Netflix yesterday.  I've only watched one episode because the series is such a favorite I just really don't want to rush through it and then be waiting for more.  Same reason I haven't watched the new season of the Expanse, yet.  It's like a fine wine that you anticipate opening.

    First episode (no spoilers) was very good, in my incredibly biased opinion.  I was ready to hate it from anticipointment, and I definitely did not.  It's great that Joe Hill was involved with writing it for television.  (Also co-written by some guy named Aron.) Up front, I gotta say this will never be as good as the comic, because the nature of sequential art just allows for different pacing and visual transitions, and Gabriel Rodriguez did some amazing things in that series. 

    This first episode effectively introduces all of the major characters that will be involved in the story and, more importantly, juggles pretty well all the different tones that the story hits.  It balances teenage drama, little kid adventure, family in crisis, and horror elements, and I think the script and cinematography in this first episode effectively delivered on all of them.

    I'm really struggling to write a review because I don't want to spoil stuff or rant about the minute and major differences in the adaptation, so I'll just cut this off by saying WATCH THIS SHOW, or maybe just buy the comic, and then come back and discuss it, lol.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Fucking movies definitely don't demand intuition, lol, they're usually pretty straightforward. 

    Yeah, I didn't struggle as much as I let on with following the plot and the time changes.  It's a really wonderfully constructed movie.  Take the very first scene.  It's the one sister in Paris with the aunt, and she runs into the dude and they establish all the off-screen characters' past relationships and current status with some very succinct dialog.   When you then see the older sister, in the past, caring for the aunt and talking about going to Europe, it's all very psychologically loaded because you know that she won't get to go.  It's brilliant! My only problem is that I saw it with a six year old, and that first five minute scene lost her completely.  Some of the more straightforward sequences like the younger sister destroying the other's books as an act of revenge really captured her attention and were easier to follow and connect to.  I'm sure she'll appreciate the movie even more when she's older.  I, for one, am definitely going to check out Ladybird.
  • HBO's ‘McMillions’ Docuseries Will Go Inside McDonald’s Monopoly Game Scam

    It did surprise me though... 6 episodes? I think I’ve noticed recently on streaming services is that certain shows (particularly docu-series) are getting 1 or 2 more episodes than they really need... maybe because all of these competing services are desperate for content.

    I felt the same recently with a netflix docuseries.  I don't understand the logic.  They're not increasing ad buys or anything, so what's their incentive to stretch series' lengths?  Or is it just that streaming sites are content mills that don't really spend time on post-production?
  • 109 - See How They Fly - Spoilers

    chrisk said:
    Feels to me like some people wanted this show to mean something more, and partly because of the Leftovers hitting a lot of people in the heart and the gut. This show did have some of that but I was happy for it to just be fun and weird and sometimes dip into social issues when the opportunity presented itself.

    I seriously doubt anyone initially WANTED this show to mean something more, or even expected it to in their anticipation of it.  I know I didn't expect anything more than fun, weird superhero shit, but then:

    That opening scene of the first episode is one of the most gut-wrenchingly powerful depictions of historically-accurate racial violence ever put to film.  That abruptly adjusted everyone's expectations for what this show was about and what it had the potential to "say." 

    If, as you said, the show ended up being nothing more, in the end, than "fun and weird?"  That's not unfair expectations on the part of the audience, that's a failure of the show's own established promise.
  • 109 - See How They Fly - Spoilers

    FFS I just read something on twitter that Agent Petey or whatever is supposed to be Lube Man and that's only hinted at if you read the stupid peteyfiles really closely or some nonsense.  Shit like that is why I gave up on this show in the first place.  Either put it on the screen or don't fucking have it in your story, Lindeloff.  Just because the internet exists now doesn't mean that simple fucking conventions of storytelling are out the window.