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  • The Baldies 2019 - Voting

    JaimieT said:
    Between this and Succession I think we might have voted exactly the same @JaimieT
  • The Outsider (HBO) *SHOW SPOILERS ONLY*

    This is the kind of show I have to really show restraint and am glad its not on Netlifx or something because I would binge this in a couple days lol. I did not want to stop watching after episode 2 last night.
  • MR ROBOT FINALE 4.12, 4.13

    awookiee said:
    Here's a question for everybody that I don't think ever got answered.  What the hell did Whiterose show Angela in that same room Elliot was in before the reactor blew up?  After she left that room she was clearly a different person.  The part that I remember specifically is after the Dark Army took out all the E Corp buildings and Angela was just sitting there rewinding the TV over and over and over saying look everybody's fine.  I don't really think there is an answer to this but if there is or you have any ideas of what Whiterose showed her please enlighten me. 

    Here's another question that really doesn't matter but I'm curious to hear what others think.  To make things more simple we've got Elliot, Mr. Robot, and the Mastermind.  Is Mr. Robot only a created personality for the Mastermind or does Elliot see/talk to him as well?  If so then he's a split personality of a split personality right?
    Yea that Angela thing never really got answered. I mean as far as we know Whiterose's machine never really worked. So maybe some kind of mind altering/control/hallucination thing that showed Angela what it could look like but never actually happened? I don't know, could be a number of things.

    And I believe Mr. Robot is a distinct personality of the real Elliot as he was created as the type of father/protector the young Elliot never had. And I think we see that when young Elliot was at the movies when he was sitting alone wearing the Mr Robot jacket saying "shh, the movie is about to start" that was supposed to be Mr. Robot. And The Mastermind I think was created right around the time or a bit earlier at the time the show started. 
  • MR ROBOT FINALE 4.12, 4.13

    Hunkulese said:
    One minor complaint is we never found out what Whiterose's machine did.

    Also, how often was real Elliott awake? Mr. Robot and Darlene made it seem like the Mastermind had him stuck in the loop for pretty much the entirety of the series, but who was the one that learned about Vera, which started the whole additional personality questions.

    I think it says a lot about my state of mind that my three favourite shows from the 10s were The Leftovers, Mr. Robot, and Bojack.
    Mr. Robot mentioned that The Mastermind Elliot was in that dream loop once when he was going through morphine withdrawals so maybe real Elliot came out during that time frame? But I took it as since the beginning of the series we never really saw real Elliot and I guess technically never did. I think you are right and we are supposed to assume he came out with Vera for some reason but I don't think that was ever explained why.
  • His Dark Materials

    I about died listening to the podcast, "HEY I'M HORNY OVER HERE"  :D :D :D . I audibly laughed in a quiet work setting.