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  • Favorite Game Of Thrones Scene

    The end of "And Now His Watch Is Ended" when Dany turned the tables on the masters.I think that was a real turning point for her character and showed what she could do. Or the opening scene of The Winds of Winter with the Great Sept explosion. The build up, the anticipation, the musical score. It was chilling.
    JTKIIIMurderbearrkcrawfNoelUnderwoodEine Frauladylarsen
  • Apple TV+

    There is literally not enough hours in the day to keep up with all this content. I don't have enough time to add a new service. Unless I hear about a show on there that just blows people away and changes the game, I'll probably pass.
    ElisaTeresa from Concordrkcrawf
  • March Madness 2019 signup now

    That New Mexico State player had a wide open lay up to tie the game! Then Auburn player fouled the three pointer shooter! Man, that was an exciting game but both teams were playing really, really bad.
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    Well that was a wild few hours. I'm kinda bummed the niners didn't land OBJ but wow, if it weren't for Kareem Hunt it'd be fun to root for the Browns this year.

    Getting Dee Ford is awesome, I didn't see that coming. Looking around at Chiefs sites all the threads make it sound like the fans are ok with it? That makes me a little nervous. Giants fans are in a full meltdown right now.
    He's good but they were not going to tag him again next year and they were not going to give him the kind of contract SF gave him. Chiefs need cap space and got a pick in return so I am good with the trade.
  • Season 8 Trailer

    MrX said:
    Hatorian said:
    Man I’m getting fucking pumped for the final season. Anyone else deep diving into all the theories such as Jaime killing the Nights King(kingslayer) or the “Awakens dragons from stone” IE Jon awakens dragons from the crypts...there’s a million others and wonder if people think it will be straight forward like Jon is Azor Ahai or something else?
    Theory: Jon and crew get their asses handed to them at Winterfell, and most of our heroes die during the battle including Jaime. I also think that Dany dies in the battle. This all leaves us with 3 long episodes left mourning the fallen and Jon having to ally with Cersei.

    I think Jaime is more likely to be a Queenslayer (Cersei), if anything, but I don't even think that D&D are going to give us that much, and I think that they definitely are just trolling us on the Cl-cl-cl-cl-clegaaaaaane bowwwwl imagery (not happening).

     The dragons beneath Winterfell... hmm, I think that they might do some version of that, but I think it will be more subtle and less impactful to the actual story. Imagine the very end of the finale and the world is set right (or whatever happens), the final shot it takes us into the Winterfell crypts where the remaining Stark(s) are visiting a statue of Jon or whoever it is that dies. Then as they leave the crypts, the camera shot goes deeper into the crypts to eventually reveal where one of the dragons (now all dead) laid 3 eggs for someone to eventually discover, and cut to black/credits.
    I don't think that they will leave anything open to a sequel series, but they will leave us with some stinger at the end that reveals that there is still magic left to be reborn into the world and that history will eventually repeat itself.

    My $$ is on Arya killing Jaime (don't forget, he's still on the list!). Because we like them both and that would be the cruelest thing to do to us!
    I don't think Jaime was ever one her list, was he?