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  • And The Band Played On

    rjodierna said:
    A. Ron.  Watch And the Band Played On on HBO.   Based on a book, an HBO movie from before hbo was hbo.  It’s takes you through the early days of the AIDS crisis in a very compelling way.  
    Yes! This movie is why I am an epidemiologist!  It was on repeat on HBO while I was in college, on the pre-med treadmill, but actually had no desire to be a clinician.  Watching the scenes where the sociologist is interviewing the flight attendant about his sexual history and puts together the first cluster, I was like, OK how do I do this, what degree do I need, where do I go to school?  Now that I teach this stuff, I subject my students to this movie every year.  There are things about it that didn't age well (Pac man scene) but the epi holds up!

    Linking this all back to The Deuce, I think the guys were a little hard on the public health response to the closing of the bath houses.  This movie does a pretty good job of showing just how integral to the early epidemic those bath houses were. 
  • The Boys on Amazon

    @Murderbear Thought I was crazy for wondering why all the hate. Glad someone else is on the same page.
  • The Boys on Amazon

    Need to discuss the Aron and Cecily's take on the ending.  There be spoilers below.

    On Bald Move TV, they said it was lazy writing, but I thought Madeline and Dr. Rawls' stories contradicted!  She said Mama Butcher had a miscarriage and he said he said the baby clawed/punched its way out and died 10 minutes after.  In my book, those are two different birthing scenarios.  Thoughts? 

    I realized that we can't really "discuss" lest we spoil everyone else, but a yay or nay so I don't feel like I am crazy would be a huge help.  
  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    Grey worm and/or Missandei are not long for this world. Never make plans... that scene was the horror movie equivalent of saying “I’ll be right back.”
  • Favorite Game Of Thrones Scene

    The conversation between the Hound and Tormund on the walk to get the wight.  If they live, I want a Westerosi odd couple spin-off.