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  • Guilty Pleasures

    If we are talking movies, I nominate the ones where the girls are in a choir called Barden Bellas. I forget what those movies are called though. But they are BAD!!! Yet still so watchable.
  • Greta Gerwig appreciation thread

    amyja89 said:
    I need to give Frances Ha another go. I saw it at the cinema when it was released, and came out hating it because I thought it was just too pretentious. I think my sensibilities have probably changed since then!
    I guess I could see how it would come across as pretentious. Maybe because I am so much older than those people and have a certain nostalgia about my 20s, and had a sort of similar life (albiet not in New York), I just thought it was sweet.

    One thing I like about "millenials" is the attitudes about everything seem both more hopeful and more sincere than when I was that age, when everyone seemed to be trying to win the gold medal in the Depression Olympics. I actually do have problems with depression, and I always felt like fighting it rather than wearing it like a fashion statement. So that's part of what I love about Greta Gerwig, in her writing and her characterizations as an actress, she is kind of loopy and glorious and TRYING... even if her character is failing, she's still got a certain bouyancy that I like to see in an actress and a character.

    Noel said:
    July 6th

    Anyone else know multiple people with their birthday? I know three people, one with the same year and one guy with the same name.
    When we were still together, my ex-boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend had a baby on my birthday AND NAMED HER ANGELA. We weren't close with them and they didn't know my birthday or possibly even my name. lol
  • Project Runway All Stars... and Double All Stars

    I usually have found Isaac sort of annoying on All-Stars, but this season he's more focused, it seems.

    Yeah, I mean All-Stars is never really the BEST people who have been on the show- I imagine it's just the ones who had time on their schedule to do another show. I think they need to retire Amanda at some point- she's been on way too many of these haha.

    I agree with Edmund and Helen's- I thought they were gorgeous, I'm obsessed with those colors, and they did go together in a more abstract way. I have always been a Helen fan, though. She cracks me up too, the way she looks so tough and sometimes her personality is harsh but she makes these beautiful gowns. 

    The colors actually reminded me of this yarn kit- I'm leading a Crochet-along at my local yarn shop at the moment and they are using gradient kits for the project. One lady picked this color set and I am obsessed with it.

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Michelle said:
    Michelle said:
    MrX said:
    The only reality show I really still keep up with these days is Top Chef.
    Is it just me, or does it seem like it's been forever since the last season?
    It's on right now. :) They are in Colorado. It's Restaurant Wars next week! 
    WHAT??  How did I miss this?? I guess I know what I'm catching up on this weekend!
    OK. Make sure you watch the episodes of Last Chance Kitchen in order as well, in between the Top Chef episodes, if that makes sense.