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  • Pour one out

    For my cat. He died today and he was a legend.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody trailers

    I am excited about this too. I love Rami Malek and I was a kid when Queen was at their height. I am not expecting an in-depth exploration of Freddie Mercury's dark side. I'm more expecting an entertaining spectacle with some light history and lots of swagger.
  • Dumb things you become obsessed with buying

    JaimieT said:
    Michelle said:
    Speaking of blankets, I want one of these in a beige or light grey:

    I'd like that if I could get a new one every week! My mom had one of these from Pottery Barn or something like that (something that signifies quality usually) and it PILLS so fast. Looks kinda gross now. The weave isn't quite so bulky as those photos, but nearly. 

    Edit: Now I'm wondering if you can do that with cotton or something... that would be amazing.

    So these blankets made quite a stir in the knitting world but they came in and out of fashion amongst hand knitters pretty fast. Most of those giant knit blankets are made of merino roving. Merino is super soft, softer than most wools, but it's a wool that you kind of have to baby, and roving is the stuff they use to spin into yarn- it's not really meant to be used as yarn itself unless you intend to felt it. People usually just make delicate items out of it if it's 100% merino. You do see socks and stuff made with merino blends sometimes, but they are usually blended with something tougher like silk or nylon. I think those blankets are really more for looks. They say you can sit and pick off the pills with your fingers and in time the blankets will pill less, but who wants to do that? Cotton will pill too- Any fiber that's used in this way (using roving instead of yarn) will pill.  Another thing you can do is slightly felt them but you have to have an expert hand to do this (and you can't felt cotton so merino would be better). So if you did want one, I would suggest doing a lot of research and finding a seller that does some hand processing before buying. But it's going to be super expensive and not very functional. 

    There are also bulky and super bulky yarns in any fiber- Those giant knit blankets can also be made by holding several strands of bulky yarn together. You get a slightly different look, you don't get the super big fluffy stitches, more of a textured look,  but they hold up better. 
  • Dumb things you become obsessed with buying

    TaraC73 said:
    my husband is obsessed with POPs... we are heading to Seattle in a couple of weeks and I fear for our spending money because he wants to visit the big funko factory  :wink:

    @JaimieT it is very overwhelming! I searched for a good 3 months before I finally ordered it. They are handmade and there is usually a wait time for one weight/size or another. Actually, the company I ended up going with their website popped up in my Facebook feed (because cookies and spying) if you want I can try and dig it up! I want to say I spent $225 on it, it’s 20lbs and I am unsure of how they word the sizing, but it’s half of a queen sized bed :)
    Tara, if you're going to the Funko  store in Everett, that's in their downtown and I super recommend a restaurant called The New Mexicans. Don't be confused into  over ordering - the entrees are cheap but generous sized. If you're looking for any other recommendations in Everett let me know- that's the closest "downtown" to me and we go there a lot. The Schack Art Center is cool to visit too, and free. 
  • The Muppets

    The Lord of the Rings.

    Every single character in the movie is a Muppet, the Hobbits, Elves, Orcs, Ents, etc.

    Except Gandalf. It's Ian McKellen doing his amazing work with nothing but foam Muppets around him.

    Bonus: Gollum is also in Muppet form, his wispy hair lends itself well to 'Muppet Hair,' and he must be played by Andy Serkis.
    This one wins. This thread is now closed. LOL