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  • Gaming logic! Do/did you ever do these things?

    It’s not quite the same thing being discussed, but I always wind up hording items until the very last boss, always worried I would use it too soon or need it later; using them throughout the game would have been way more fun 
  • Bald Move Chess Club?

    Yes. I’m not great but I play regularly gnarzz 
  • Health scare

    cdrive said:
    Yes! Benign. So happy for you guys.  
    So I’m an idiot and always get confused between benign and malignant. So much so that my wife recently had a small mole on her leg removed and she showed me the email results saying “benign” and I just burst into tears and cried out “No!” because I thought it was the bad news one. Lot going on emotionally for me lately if you couldn’t tell lol. 

    Very happy for you @Jenny ! Definitely cause for cracking open an nice bottle to celebrate!
  • Health scare

    I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. It’s probably the worst, most helpless feeling imaginable. The advice that was given to me during a similar time of need was trust in your doctors. But I wanna say this: trust your gut too. If you’re hearing something that doesn’t sound right or sit well, get a second opinion, push back. Don’t worry about being annoying or a nag— this is your spouse.

    These days, things that would be grim back in the day are now treated more efficiently and effectively. Be there for your husband and let him know it’s ok to lean on you. When my wife was going through her health scare I needed to lean on her because I was scared and she said it helped her through the process because she knew I cared so much. So I think it would be ok to lean on him too. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know, but it’s really easy to think the worst when you hear this news initially, but it’s important to take it day by day and staying positive.
  • Can't Login to the Forums?

    mharmless said:
    Jim said:
    Ok, I've got a partial fix / workaround. If you log into the website (not the forums) and then click the "Forums" link in the main nav bar at the top, it will take you to the forums and log you in.

    I'm still working on getting the sign in buttons on the forums working and it might be a few days.

    There was a way to sign in directly to the forums?  What you're describing is the only way I've known how to log in for the last year at least.  Whenever I've clicked "Sign in" on the forums, desktop or phone, I'd be sent to the home page to sign in and I'd have to click back through the forum link there.