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  • 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    Damn, I love these forums. You all provide a ton of careful insight (as do Jim and A. Ron whenever they cover a show.) 

    I don’t have much to offer except Vera (and whoever wrote his lines) just blew me away. This was perhaps the most emotionally effective hour of tv I’ve ever seen. I even like Peanut... “It’s a metaphor. I thought you said this guy was smart.”
  • Daybreak

    There’s a lot to like about this show; the story (a nuclear blast that only affects grown ups), the characters (including a 10yo pyromaniac, a jock turned samurai pacifist, and a guy just trying to find his girl), the bad guys (“Lord of the Flies” children) run amok in East LA plus pseudo zombies! What’s not to like?

    There are a LOT of tip-of-the-hat tropes to past movies (Mathew Broderick as the HS principal!?, the action at the mall, etc.) and that just makes each turn more fun. A good drama-comedy. You guys should cover least a little.
  • Undone (Amazon Prime)

    Dummy said:
    Watched the first two episodes and I think it's really cool. The first episode was good, but nothing amazing that everyone should see. The second episode was awesome and exactly my kind of trippy jam. I really hope it can keep up this kind of storytelling because it has me hooked. I now hope this can get some kind of Bald Move TV coverage. 
    Yes. I should have mentioned to not give up on this show after just one episode. And it really does deserve some bmtv coverage.
  • Undone (Amazon Prime)

    just putting it out here that I figured I would check out this new animated series. It had Bob Odenkirk doing voice work, and I like his work. I’ve binged the first five (of 8) episodes and will probably finish it tonight. Definitely worth checking out. I started this thread to see what the rest of you thought of it as well. I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything.
  • Lunch w J&a

    Michelle said:
    Moonshine is supposed to be made by hillbillies in the woods and sold in secret.
    Spoken like a true Kentuckian.  :wink: :grin:
    It IS all about the tax. That’s why they feared “revenuers”. Those were the tax men.