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  • Undone (Amazon Prime)

    Dummy said:
    Watched the first two episodes and I think it's really cool. The first episode was good, but nothing amazing that everyone should see. The second episode was awesome and exactly my kind of trippy jam. I really hope it can keep up this kind of storytelling because it has me hooked. I now hope this can get some kind of Bald Move TV coverage. 
    Yes. I should have mentioned to not give up on this show after just one episode. And it really does deserve some bmtv coverage.
  • Undone (Amazon Prime)

    just putting it out here that I figured I would check out this new animated series. It had Bob Odenkirk doing voice work, and I like his work. I’ve binged the first five (of 8) episodes and will probably finish it tonight. Definitely worth checking out. I started this thread to see what the rest of you thought of it as well. I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything.
  • Lunch w J&a

    Michelle said:
    Moonshine is supposed to be made by hillbillies in the woods and sold in secret.
    Spoken like a true Kentuckian.  :wink: :grin:
    It IS all about the tax. That’s why they feared “revenuers”. Those were the tax men. 
  • 302 - Don't Be Ridiculous

    I really liked this episode...

    - I didn't get the Perfect Stranger these song opening, so seeing a very real Mark Lynn Baker was bizarre and funny. Who's creative mind even thought of this?

    - We found out what happened to Lillie and Nora's arm. Again, that covering tattoo could have been almost anything. Choosing Wu Tang "Club," a band that is just sooo not Nora, was a great choice.

    - Nora walking in on her husband with a plastic bag duck taped over his head. His response: "I thought you were coming home tomorrow." Am I the only one that found this funny (and very Kevin)?

    - The opening scene where the guy falls off the tower. Strangely funny. The fact that one of his three possessions was a picture of him with an orca was weirdly non sequiturish. 

    - And we find out how the move to Australia initiates.

    - Oh yeah, and the tranquilizer dart took me totally by surprise. 

    - At first, I had a real problem with the scenes in Australia. (Which opened with a scene of a kangaroo getting hit by a car and then shot....What, just to keep us off balance?) I thought it was a "time line" issue at first. But then I remembered the news cast which set it in present day. But I'll go with distopiandreamgirl83's explanation that Michael's been posting the Gospel of Kevin. Either Matt doesn't consider it a "copy," or he just doesn't want Kevin to know.

  • 302 - Witness

    Just a thought that I didn't see mentioned here or on the podcast: Gus could've been on to Mike starting on the day he had the gas cap transmitter swapped out. The battery was supposed to be dead, but if meticulous Gus checked it, he would've known he (or at least the restaurant) was "made" by Mike.

    All the rest, the pickups, making Jimmy at the restaurant, and not* making the drop that morning was Gus's surveillance.

    *I didn't see the sweeping pickup described on the cast and here. Maybe just words were exchanged. First of all, how many packages of drugs can you fit in a lobby dustpan. And the backpack looked just as full when it left as it did when it arrived.