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  • Thoughts on Elan's Hostile Take Over of Twitter

    I think Elon's gotten exactly what he wanted.  People talking about him nonstop. I put odds of the deal happening at around 60%.  I think it's probably a bad thing for the world, but I don't know if its that much worse than it currently is.  Elon has a pretty checkered past when it comes to "free speech" so having him be the arbiter of it on twitter seems pretty sus.  Ultimately, I think twitters lawyers (and Elon's should he be successful) will mitigate a lot of the "free speech" stuff he wants, because in reality its a business and lack of moderation is bad for business.
    If you want to see what an unmoderated "free speech" platform looks like, just head on over to 8kun or 4chan.  It's not pretty.  The hate speech is abundant, and there is very little pushback because most of the users are nazis and racists.  The normal people were scared off long ago.  Imagine taking a massive platform like Twitter that is mildly profitable and turning it into 8kun.  Better off having a bonfire with that $44b.  At least you can roast marshmellows over it.

    Twitter operates all over the world.  Allowing all speech that is legal in every country it operates, and not allowing all speech that is illegal wherever it is illegal is a pretty massive undertaking. 

    Further, twitter is a massive platform for people across the world.  It has the ability to sort of shape reality.  As a private company it's owner could leverage that to his benefit, though I think it would be difficult to maneuver.  In that sense I think attempting to buy twitter is kind of a hedge for the trouble that climate change combined with massive inequality is bringing.  Worlds second richest man wrestles for control of the ability to moderate speech on twitter.  Also kind of a hedge for the potential collapse of Teslas stock price.  IMO, it has been massively over-inflated for a while, and as more of the bigger, longer-standing traditional car companies continue to pump out more affordable and better built electric vehicles, Teslas stock will likely drop considerably. 
  • Bald Move Christmas 2021! A MERRY SCARY CHRISTMAS!

    Has the Belter Christmas been shelved?
    I believe the Belter Christmas thing is still happening as a separate project from the typical BM Christmas celebration.  

    Think of it as a Paul Giamatti's One Man Manger project being released separately and to the wider Expanse community.  At least, that's how I understand it.
  • DEMO: Discourse forum software

    I think Discourse is a solid upgrade from Vanilla, even before taking in to account all the forum issues.  
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Got my booster this past monday.  Originally got the 2-dose Pfizer.  Got the Moderna booster.  

    First shot: no symptoms. 
    Second shot: about a day and a half of chills, sluggishness, and feeling generally really bad.  Like scale of 1-10, it was probably an 6 on the shitty scale.

    Booster: Sore arm, a hint of a chill that evening and mild sluggishness the next day.  Scale of 1-10, like a 2.  

    I'm having the problem where I can't log in while using Chrome (or MS Edge) any more, and this fix doesn't work as "Schemeful Same-Site" doesn't appear as a flag any more.  Anyone else having this issue?
    Not so far.  Chrome likes to roll stuff out a little at a time though.  Can you tell me what your version number is?

    EDIT:  Forced an update and it's the same for me now.  I have a workaround, but I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH.  It is temporary.  It will eventually be removed. Hopefully not until after the forums inevitable demise, but no promises.

    1. chrome://flags/#temporary-unexpire-flags-m92 set to anything that isn't default.  I chose disabled.
    2. relaunch.
    3. chrome://flags/#schemeful-same-site set to disabled.
    4. relaunch.

    EDIT 2:  Alternative workaround without changing flags.  Doesn't work on mobile, but the mobile app hasn't made it to Chrome 94 yet, so shouldn't be needed right now.  This one is ephemeral.  You will need to do it each time you want to log back in, as it doesn't stick around after a logout.

    1.  Go to and login.
    2.  While logged in, press f12 to open the developer console.
    3.  Choose Application from the list of tabs along the top of the dev console.  This may be hidden depending on your window size.  If you don't see it, look for ">>" to pull up the hidden tabs on a context menu.
    4.  Expand Cookies on the left hand side (under storage) by clicking the arrow until it points down.
    5. Locate the cookie with a name beginning with "wordpress_logged_in..." and a value starting with your username.
    6.  Under the column labeled SameSite (should be blank) right click the cookie and choose Edit SameSite.
    7.  Enter the value "None" no quotes.  Capitalization is important.
    8.  Close the dev console, then click the link to the forums.  You should be logged in.

    @Jim @A_Ron_Hubbard If you can modify the cookies being set that begins with "wordpress_logged_in..." to include SameSite=None, that might fix this issue for a while.  No guarantees that Chrome doesn't start ignoring it in the future, but it would remove a lot of headache from the users in the mean time.  Might even outlast the vanilla forums remaining time.