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  • Snowpiercer (TV Show)

    I really enjoyed this show.  I saw the movie one time, in all likelihood in an altered state.  I didn't really recall much of the movie, apart from the main themes of class struggle and eternal engine/generational train.  I also remember a theory a few years ago that Snowpiercer was a sequel to Willy Wonka...

    Anyway.  Despite really enjoying the show, I wouldn't quite classify it among the top quality shows.  It was certainly better than any of the CW shows, or Walking Dead though.  
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Marci said:
    ... My niece and nephew graduated from North Paulding High School in the Atlanta area...
    Small world! I moved back to Paulding County 3 months ago.  Lived here from around 2005 through 2015.  I went to school a county over in Douglas, but my dad's family have been here for generations.

    EDIT:  Also, meant to mention the student, Hannah Watters, had her suspension lifted and removed from her record.  She is a hero.  I expect this action and it's fallout will basically guarantee her entry to whatever college she chooses to attend.
  • General Tomfoolery

    Hatorian said:
    Speaking of grooming who’s a shaver and who’s au natural??? ;)
    Are you asking facial?  I generally grow the beard out pretty long, but shave the cheeks and the scouts.  I keep the mustache and area between the lips and chin trimmed short enough to stay out of my mouth and food.  Every few months, I'll trim the whole thing down to under 1/2" and start over.  I haven't been clean shaven in over a decade.  
  • Netflix's Ratched... A Ryan Murphy prequel series to "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" 9/18/20

    Just caught the trailer to this here.  It looks pretty great.  It stars Sarah Paulson in the titular role.  I also recognized Corey Stoll in the trailer.  According to IMDB, Sharon Stone and Vincent D'Onofrio are among the cast as well.

    Anybody interested?
  • General Tomfoolery

    ketchup  - In the fridge, because I like it cold, but there's enough vinegar in it to keep it stable well beyond when it would be empty.
    mustard  - In the fridge.  Any kind.  Standard, brown, spicy, dijon.  Bring it all.
    bbq sauce - Depends.  Mustard based, and sweet sauces in the fridge.  Vinegar based in the pantry.
    soy sauce - Ambivalent.  It's not gonna go bad.
    peanut butter - Neither.  Keep it out of my house.  (Exception - stored in the pantry in the event I'm planning to make PB Fudge, PB cookies, or other PB based treats.)
    jelly - 100% fridge.  
    Bread - I don't eat much of this, so I don't buy it often, but usually leave it in the bottom of the pantry if it's purchased, or on the counter in a cake dish if it's fresh baked.  Things like leftover rolls and uncooked dough in the freezer.