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    Chinaski said:
    pulp or no pulp in your OJ?
    I want maximum pulp.  Simply Orange grovestand and Tropicana "Lots o Pulp" doesn't have enough for my liking.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I don't think it's fair to characterize @LordBy's post as trying to equate L/R politics as being equally bad.  That seems like a straw man, or at least a false equivalence.  I think LordBy was simply pointing out, with examples, that America's anti-science and non-skeptical thinking problem is not constrained by politics. 

    That's not to say that science denial is not currently more of a problem among conservatives.  

    As a person in Georgia (about as far from Portland as possible) I would agree with most of the categorization LordBy presented.  All of the "Left" quackery as listed is more prevalent in the Left leaning circles in my orbit than the Right leaning circles.  In my experience though, it is highly unlikely to find a Left leaning person who will argue against climate change, or for trickledown economics.  (In the Bible belt, you are more likely to find Left creationists.)  On the whole, I think Lefties are more likely to listen to good science on Covid, but you would be surprised how many in my orbit are still pretty flippant about it.  

    OTOH, the Righties in my orbit seem to be more susceptible to some of the quackery LordBy lists as being on the Left.  Especially dietary stuff.  The anti-carb, anti-gluten, and particularly the Keto diet (fueled by MLM's) are surprisingly prevalent in my very Republican community.  Even among my R friend groups.  Alternative medicines (a la chiropracty) are also prevalent, however the more fringe alternative medicines (a la crystals, reiki, acupuncture) far less so.  I would definitely say that anti-vaxxers are widespread across ALL the spectrum.  
  • Under the Radar Science Fiction Movies & TV

    jluzania said:
    Not sure how many of these are considered under the radar, but...

    Never Let Me Go
    Edge of Tomorrow (a.k.a. Live, Die, Repeat)
    The Signal (2007)

    For TV, Farscape.
    I came here to say Moon.  Heartily seconded.  I liked all of these movies you listed though.  


    Europa Report
    Coherence (Loved this one!)
    Cronocrímenes (a.k.a. Time Crimes)
    The Man From Earth
    The Endless (2017)
    Resolution (2012)
  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    I watched this last night.  I liked it a lot.  I think it's best to go in not knowing anything about it.  In that regard, could you edit the title to indicate spoilers?  
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Remember back when we had a politics thread, it was titled "U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020."  

    Oh how dreadfully naive we were.