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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Everybody, if your country allows the booster, please get on that ASAP after the 6 month time frame from initial vaccination.  This Omicron variant has potential to be pretty bad.  We just don't know enough yet to say one way or another, but better safe than sorry.  Especially going in to the holidays.  

    The booster is a smaller dose than the first two, FYI.

    If recent history has taught us anything, Omicron is already spreading through our communities here in America.  We don't do nearly enough variant testing.  We don't require vaccination on international arrivals if they are American citizens.  We don't have mandatory quarantine when entering the country.  We have massive amounts of international travel.  
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Regarding the difference between the UK study and the Israel study of Pfizer v delta effectiveness:  

    UK did 8-12 weeks between doses.  Israel did 3-4.  I've seen this hypothesized as a possible reason for the disparity.  

    That said, more data is needed.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    My problem with government mandated vaccines is I don't trust the government.  The government is largely incompetent in the best of times, and downright evil in the worst of times.  I'm 100% behind businesses mandating vaccines for employees and customers, but I really don't think government mandates will help, or are good.  Perhaps that's a result of me being fiercely anti-authoritarian.  (On the pol-compass I'm pretty close to the bottom.)

    Also, the evangelical christians are already calling this thing the mark of the beast.  The bible specifically mentions that " man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark..."  Mandating vaccines at all, businesses or governments, is going to be met with fierce resistance among the evangelical radical right.  Government mandates would, in my estimation, be much more radicalizing than business mandates.  

    I think businesses should mandate vaccinations to be allowed entry, where possible, but not to conduct business.  You can buy groceries online, or on your phone.  Have them delivered to your car.  Other stores can do the same.  Wait for the movie to come out on streaming or VOD.  Tie to to case positivity rate.  Over 3%?  Vaccines required for entry.  If it drops below 3% and stays for more than 2 weeks, put the mandate on hold.  The point is to curb transmission, keep hospitalizations low, and deaths down.  The point is not to punish the propagandized.  This allows for those vaccinated to continue basically normal lives, and puts a burden on the unvaccinated.  Maybe that burden is high enough over time that they will reconsider.  Maybe its not.  Either way, I'm running out of empathy for them.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Hatorian said:
    Grr. Last point. 

    We all agree that unimpeded surveillance would limit and stop some foreign and domestic terrorist attacks. No?

    So we all in agreement to let the NSA listen to every one of our calls and read our emails?

    That's a bit of a straw man.  Your likelihood of being affected by a terrorist attack is considerably lower (and different) than covid.

    Look, I don't think there should be a federal mandate.  While there has never been a federal mandate for vaccines before, there were over a dozen states that mandated smallpox vaccines, another dozen or so where local municipalities mandated it. The supreme court even upheld a mandate.

    I am 100% for businesses, should they so choose mandating vaccines for their employees and customers. 

    Just as you should make distinctions between the vaccine-hesitant and the anti-vax (disinfo spreaders, conspiracy theorists, hostile foreign actors and their agents), so should you make a distinction between the vaccines and the vaccine distributors. Does it suck that vaccinations are putting money into companies with terrible histories of human rights abuses? Absolutely.  Is that a reason to not get a vaccine? Absolutely not.  If anything, it's a reason to take the vaccines developed largely with public funds open source. 

    The MRNA vaccine can be built in a factory costing around $100k.  It can out out hundreds of millions of doses a year. If not for a lack of political will to step on pharmas pockets, we could have every person in the world vaccinated in 12-16 months. 

    The problem with allowing so many to remain unvaccinated because of personal freedom, is there are large numbers of people who have fallen victim to propaganda who are being killed or disabled.  Every day we haven't reached herd immunity is a day that the virus can mutate into one that is deadlier, more transmissible, or vaccine resistant. 

    Being a hostile keyboard warrior won't help though.  You are right about that.  The data shows that the person most likely to change someone's mind is someone they know. Friends, family, their PCP, clergy.  People who with compassion listen to their concerns, and help them address those concerns with real world facts, kindness, and understanding. 

    It's getting harder to do that with each passing day, because of how stubborn people are, and how much danger they have put people in. 

    Finally, the anger and resentment is a sign of care.  The opposite of love isn't hate.  It's indifference.  Which is an emotion I'm having a hard time fighting. 
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    No Burnham: Inside

    Bo's new special on Netflix is an absolute masterpiece.  I feel like I just relived the last year in 90 minutes.  It's equal parts humorous and soul-crushing. Just phenomenal.