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  • 310 - Lantern

    If he actually survives or they retroactively change things, then I will be pretty disappointed. That whole sequence was just amazingly done. It would be incredibly cheap. I am not happy to see Chuck die, he was a great character. But this also seemed like it as strong an exit from the show as could be expected. 
  • "Entertaining" podcast recommendations

    @aberry89 Yeah, if you can't stand listening to people roleplaying, it may not be for you. But I will say, it's been worth the investment. It's one of the few podcasts that have ever gotten me a little teary-eyed. I've gotten real attached to Tres Horny Boys. Ha!

    And @Garthgou81 is right. Maybe check out MBMBAM. Give it a few episodes to get used to those good good boy's goofs and you might just find yourself wanting The Adventure Zone!
    Those sweet boys just know how to bring the goofs. Here is one of my favorite: 

  • 'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof In The Works At HBO

    As much as I enjoyed what Snyder did with his movie version...there was really something missing. I think when I started seeing all the amazing, unbelievable, hyper-violent acts these heroes were doing was where it clicked. Snyder wanted to do cool action scenes...and they were cool. But Watchmen is a deconstruction of the superhero. So I feel like the missed that whole aspect. 
  • 310 - Lantern

    I am somewhat puzzled as to what the point of last episode was because it seemed like a hard right turn into Saul land but then Jimmy immediately reversed course so I guess the only point was to get him out of elder law?
    I was thinking the same thing. We had a heartless Jimmy last episode and an empathetic, caring one this episode. It was not very nuanced at all. But to answer your question, I think it was to have Jimmy struggling money-wise and pressuring Howard into settling the case. This pushes Howard even further to the edge in just general frustration and he buys out Chuck, which then causes Chuck's dismissal which then pushes HIM further to the edge and well...we saw how that played out. It sort of sets off a chain reaction of things.

    Seeing Chuck tear apart his house really made you realize how sick he was...and just after we watched him do so much better. Him struggling after so much progress is probably what was made him spiral so quickly. Almost like a bender after a long period of sobriety. 

    But then...I shouldn't be feeling that awful for Chuck, look how he treated Jimmy just moments before. THIS was what was missing from last episode; the twisty, turvy, and nuanced characters and how the Villigang can manipulate the viewer's feelings towards a character so effortlessly. 
  • "Entertaining" podcast recommendations

    The Adventure Zone! The McElroy Brothers play D&D with their Dad. (Not real D&D knowledge required, they are pretty loose on the rules) It's grown into appointment podcasting for me.

    I've heard so much good stuff about this. But I have a huge hurdle, I CAN'T stand listening to people play roleplaying games. it's like watching people play video games - it's fun when your in there doing it, otherwise no. I have always skipped the D&D on Harmontown too.  Can I get past that...?

    Maybe? Since it seems like it is pretty annoying, I doubt it would be your cup of tea. Their advice show, My Brother, My Brother and Me may be more your speed.