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  • The Sopranos

    I ordered the Sepinwall book and it’s supposed to be delivered today. Which is apt considering it’s the 20th anniversary today. I understand the people who got annoyed with the therapy stuff. But I can’t relate at all. That’s the meat and depth of the show (not the only depth of the show). And at times the therapy is meant to be stale. But that's fairly obvious and purposeful. I just can’t quite get how people who got into a show whose very first scene was a therapy scene and very clearly about a mobster dealing with psychiatry could be thrown off by a show dealing with the psychiatry of a mobster. 
  • I just watched The Pilot for the first time...(Spoilers for it all!)

    This is a show where not binging it is your friend. Both in the way that it does the show a bit of a disservice as it helps to let each episode percolate a bit. 

    Also, you could go down a real emotional rabbit hole depending on how this stuff hits you. It reminds me of Six Feet Under in that way to a degree. 
  • The Sopranos

    Strangely enough I just finished a rewatch. It’s my favorite series of all time and it looks fantastic on Blu-Ray. There is a podcast that I listen(ed) to called “No F*ckckin’ Ziti.” The podcasters are ridiculous, and laugh at their own jokes a lot, but I sort of love that. They also repeat the same jokes, where you start to get annoyed, but then it miraculously circles around and becomes more funny than it initially was. What you should know is they irritatingly made it to the end of the Season 6a, and haven’t made anymore since mid-April. I hope they eventually come back and polish that thing off.
  • Watchmen Hype

    OpusWho said:
    They are a good jumping off point for basic story but so much world building is in the sections before and after each chapter in all the supplemental material...forgive my nerdy completism(?) not sure thats a word :#
    Did you ever watch the movie with the animated Black Freighter stuff inserted? I know thats not the entirety of what you are talking about, but it was a good nod to that material.
  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    The title just gives a general bummer. So, while I know I helped bump the thread, I really will not miss it just disappearing into the void.