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  • October Spooktacular 2: The Spookquel

    cdrive said:
    I wanna thank all of y’all in here that recommended or had a thing to say about The House of The Devil. Wife and I watched it recently because of y’all and it was super satisfying. We were basking in the warm 80s nostalgia and nods to horror greats. That’s like the Stranger Things of horror movies.  
    My job is done here. That movie is so fantastic. As I think I mentioned, the pacing may be a bit too slow for some. But once that pot starts to boil over, it does not quit. 
  • Indiana jones trilogy

    You say "trilogy" because there never was a fourth one, right? That is the lie we have agreed upon? Temple of Doom when viewed in a vacuum is not bad at all. Canonically it is a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark. And if viewed as such, it is perfectly fine pulpy fun. But Raiders is clearly the better film (to me). 
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    JaimieT said:
    I must live in opposite-world from superhero movie fans, because I thought that looked fucking amazing.
    Oh, I can't speak for what other comic fans like, and I am unsure of what the general consensus is. It is really hard to tell since so many people are down on DC (not without good reason). I think it looks visually great and lots of fun. But its just not a character I have the least amount of interest in. But Jason Mimosa is charismatic as hell. I think it looks pretty amazing also. 
  • What are you playing?

    Hatorian said:
    I havent beat it yet so maybe we will get to Venom/Carnage but i'm not getting my hopes up and assuming that one of the confirmed DLCs will be "Maximum Carnage" if its not in the base game. 
    I won't spoil anything but the first DLC is about Black Cat, then one called "Turf Wars," and finally "Silver Lining." My guess is we won't see any symbiotes in those based on the titles, unless they are teases or something. 
  • 4.09 Wiedersehen

    jleav382 said:
    With one episode left I think it's safe to say we are not getting a Walt or Jessie cameo, which i'll admit I was looking forward to. 
    Man, unless it’s a stinger or a quick shot of them, I really hope we don’t. It seems too fan service’y. Which the Villigang haven’t shied from before, so who knows. But unless it really serves a purpose, it could be a moment that start the whole show crumbling. That’s been my view from the outset though. We saw plenty of them for years, I’d hate to risk their appearance as the show stretching itself too thin.