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  • The Great California Power Blackout of 2019

    The irony is I live in Camino, CA. 
    ChinaskiTeresa from Concord
  • Rick and Morty

    Hatorian said:
    Best quote in the entire series....

    ”I didn’t ask to be born”

    I remember an episode of The Good Place Podcast, where the creator, Michael Schur mentioned he had done some reading/listening to schools of thought in the area of philosophy. There was one (and I don't have a name or anything, sorry) that mentioned that since life inherently brings pain and suffering to individuals that it is unethical to bring any new lives into this world. Essentially saying that ending of existence is the most ethical choice we all should collectively make. I am pretty nihilistic, so I've latched on to this like crazy. 

    Happy Friday Everyone!
  • What are you playing?

    gguenot said:
    is there a term in gaming where you wind up not using a lot of items you collect in fear that you'll use them at the wrong time/keep saving them for later and end up never using them? lol
    Stockpiling? Hoarding? I always do that, especially in Resident Evil games. I then finish them up with a million grenades and flame fuel and such. 
  • Succession - HBO

    It really scratches all of the itches. The dialogue really requires a second watch and with the dialogue on. It’s rapid fire and impossible to catch everything on first watch. 

    The last episode  contained two awful Logan moments like within twenty seconds. One is so fucking frustrating: when Logan just mumbles incoherently at Shiv in the helicopter when she asked “what happened?”

    But then moments later the funniest moment for me : “Drive your fuckin’ whirlybird!”

    CapeGabe said:
    The 3 ingredients is the problem here. It's madness, madness I tell you! No sandwich can only hold 3 ingredients! 

    Under these rules I'll go with Italian bread from local bakery, cut semi thick, Prosciutto di Parma cut razor thin,  thick slice of Buffalo Mozzarella from Italy, and Basil Olive Oil. If that is a cheat then fresh basil, no <sob> olive oil.
    This would be my answer. When I lived in Boston it’s pretty much what I’d get, except a dash of vinegar as well. I loved that fucking place so much. They’d cut it and then show off that the prosciutto, basil and, and mozzarella looked like the Italian flag.