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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Spoilers)

    For those on the fence about reading the book: it's little over two hundred pages and flies by. Depending on your reading speed it doesn't take too much longer to read the book than to watch the movie!
    I think you are drastically overestimating my reading speed. 
  • Holy shit, Justin Theroux wrote Iron Man 2?

     Never go full Theroux
  • What are you playing?

    I tell you what I am NOT playing right now is Tony Hawk 1 + 2. I am trying to be better about buying so many games but this game looks soooooo good!
    Yeah, I am really doing my best not to just buy that thing. I have HUGE digital stack of games for me to finish between Switch, PS4, PSVR and Steam...I have no business buying more. Especially with Super Mario All-Stars 3D on its way to the Switch...I will never get caught up. Maybe by PS6 I will have finally finished this generation's backlog. 
  • What parts of the SW prequels are actually good?

    When Anakin gave Padme his thoughts on sand. 
  • What are you playing?

    Hatorian said:
    Hatorian said:
    I've been having a bunch of fun with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I've been flying around looking at all my old houses, lol. I don't have any experience with flight sims but it's manageable with all the assists on. My computer can only run it on medium graphics but it still looks great. I play using my PS4 controller plugged into my PC, but you still have to use mouse and keyboard to navigate some of the instruments.

    It's included in Xbox Game Pass for PC (currently offering a promo of $1 for the first month). It's definitely worth looking into!

    I’m wondering if I should invest in a flight controller set for this. Anyone have some recommendations for something that won’t break the bank but still is better than normal controller or mouse/keyboard?
    I tried looking around for one online, but corona definitely spiked the demand for flight sticks. Prices are inflated like crazy.
    I found a good deal locally for a Thrustmaster T16000M FCS with the stick and throttle. 

    This one is ambidextrous too which is much needed for my southpaw ass. Also seemed to pay retail which was good. 

    It is really called the Thrustmaster?