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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    cdrive said:
    I can’t be the only one who has casually background-watched Batman Begins when all of a sudden a baby King Joffrey pops into the movie, right?!  
    Sociopathic King Joffrey Was A Sweet Little Boy In Batman Begins   Apartment 46
  • Show off your collectables

    Right next to Mandalorian oranges. 
  • Reheating The Leftovers (thanks Garthgou81)

    The first episode doesn't do it many favors when its ending is punctuated by dog murder. 
    I was so late to the party because of that first episode. After that ending I said hell no. Finally went back two years ago (minus the first episode) and beyond happy I did. What a great show and an equally great podcast.

    Wish i could join in the rewatch but my holiday plan is a rewatch and a podcast listen to the LoTR trilogy. Finding the time will be a wee bit tricky but damn it I will find a way. 
    That first season is tough. Partly because it seemed like grim-dark for grim-dark's sake. That put me off (as someone who likes dark material, it was a lot even for me.) They managed to thread the needle with the tone, writing, and acting, however. Such a great series. 

    This thread should have totally been called "Reheating the Leftovers" though. 
  • Gaming logic! Do/did you ever do these things?

    gguenot said:
    It’s not quite the same thing being discussed, but I always wind up hording items until the very last boss, always worried I would use it too soon or need it later; using them throughout the game would have been way more fun 
    A Resident Evil player then? I do the same thing. But the recent Resident Evil 2 re-make did me dirty. I did a pretty good job stockpiling weapons and things. In the last 3 percent of the game, I'd defeated the boss and been liberal with my ammo, knowing this is a Resident Evil game. I was sure I'd defeated the last boss leaving only 15 handgun bullets in my inventory. Unfortunately, I still had an actual final boss still to deal with. Those 15 bullets were not very helpful. 
  • Dexter is coming back for a limited series run

    Back by no one's demand.