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  • You are spoiling Game of Thrones in your season 2 podcast

    I'm hoping this becomes a Berenstein bears thing where people just aren't quite sure if there was an original host or not.
    You mean Berenstain, right? 
  • Cutting the Cable Cord?

    Yeah, I think the highest cost service is the live TV streaming services. It looks like Hulu's is around $50. So depending on your cable package it may be pretty close to a wash. I think if you dropped the live streaming and just paid for a combination of Hulu/Amazon/Netflix/HBO you'd probably notice a sizable difference. 
  • Bald Move AAMA

    Michelle, have you ever thought what a weird coincidence it is that your name is Michelle California and that you live in California?
  • Tacos Gone Wrong!

    "More than just waiting in long lines, attendees were upset by the lack of options. On Facebook, many complained that there weren’t enough taco possibilities at the food trucks."

    I feel like the writer really missed an opportunity to use the word "tacobilities" in their article here.
  • Just got fired from my job

    Oh man, I am so sorry. I got the boot from my job in November of 15, I won't say anything mind-blowing...but:

    *As others have said get on whatever assistance you can. I know in California it can be difficult to get unemployment if you were fired for certain things, but it is worth a shot.

    *Get on those apps. You lost your job, but now your job is applying and interviewing. 

    *Take interviews for jobs you don't want, they will help you cut your teeth for the ones you actually do.

    *I used to be the director at a group home in Boston for kids (this was the job I got fired from). I was in a pretty low place after getting fired. But things can and will get better. I am now in Northern CA working for a county up here and in a MUCH more prestigious and higher paying job. This will be just a stumbling block for you, as awful as it feels now, just try and remember it will improve. So you are allowed to wallow for a bit, of course, but it sounds like you have a good plan of attack.