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  • The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

    I'm not sure how many of you out there grew up watching Joe Bob Briggs host horror movie marathons on TNT in the 90s, but he is doing one last marathon on Shudder that starts tonight at 9pm EST and runs for 24 hours. I loved it myself, so I am pumped. Shudder is a pretty decent horror streaming service which I am sure has a trial period if you want to give it a whirl. Also, it is being streamed, so its not like you can get there at 10 and expect to start from the beginning. Just a heads up for anyone who may be interested! 
  • 210 - The Passenger

    I'm not saying I'm out. But I am really concerned. I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt since we've seen shows that have managed to right the ship after a crummy season. But the more I read and listen to interviews with the creators of the show, the more I get the impression that they are tone deaf to the criticisms of the show and focused more on people who are are puzzling over their incomprehensible storytelling and sloppy decision making.

    If I felt like they were really hearing all the fans who are upset over this season, I'd be much more excited for the third season. But, it doesn't seem like they are and I anticipate the number of viewers will severely plummet next season which really brings the future of such an expensive show into question. Sure HBO lets tons of their shows go on much longer than other channels, but HBO also nixed Deadwood and Carnivale...
  • CALL TO ACTION: Lets get PRISONERS Commisioned

    I listened to this today and thought it was funny how @A_Ron_Hubbard kept using the term "True Crime", where for me true crime has always been books about actual crime stories. Same for movies, if it were a true crime movie, it might be a movie based on Ted Bundy or Whitey Bulger or something. Where, as far as I know, Prisoners is not based on any specific real life story. Totally picking knits here, it just caught my attention because I have a personal affinity for true crime books. (Movies less so because they tend to exaggerate and embellish for the purposes of plotting and screen time. It actually surprises me that you don't dig more true crime books, A.Ron, because of your love for The Wire and Breaking Bad)
  • Bourbon

    Ya know, Jim Beam was my drink for much of my 20s because I wanted to drink on a budget. But after going the route of Jameson, Makers Mark, and Jack...I tried Jim again a couple weeks back and good god. Never again.

  • You are spoiling Game of Thrones in your season 2 podcast

    I'm hoping this becomes a Berenstein bears thing where people just aren't quite sure if there was an original host or not.
    You mean Berenstain, right?