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  • Bald Move NES Side-scroller

    The Pete fight would obviously be in a pit. It can't be anywhere else. 

    Other bosses? David Chen of course. Maybe the pink teddy bear from the end of S2 of Breaking Bad. Aron could hulk out to take that fucker on while Jim dodges debris. 

    I think Jim powers up with burritos, as you said, but Aron powers up with Jim Beam.

    A level where Aron captains a boat needs to be in there and Jim can be fighting off Westworld hosts who are on the boat. Why are they on the boat? "Who knows? who cares?" which is what I am pretty sure they said plenty in the Westworld writer's room. 

    On the "Continue?" screen it naturally has to have "Save Bald Move!" as the title. 
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    aki said:
    Great movie.   Woody Harrelson is fantastic.   How does he keep finding these roles?   Or does he elevate the characters with his performance?
    Probably a bit of him having a good nose for character, but also his intensity elevating otherwise stale characters I'd imagine. 
  • 4.06 Piñata

    I've always imagined the series ending with Saul in his office and Francesca says over the intercom "Mr. Goodman, I have a Walter White here to see you."
    "Send him in." 
    Cut to black.
    Except it would be a Mr. Mayhew or something, because Walt was posing as Badger's uncle when he went to meet with Saul for the first time. 

    But I did have a similar idea that the show would end with Saul having just secured his gaudy office, he walks in hopeful and arrogant as hell. Next shot, we see a gaunt Walter White walking out of a cancer treatment center that is in the same strip mall. I am not sure that timeline checks out. And based on more of what we have seen, we will need some conclusion to the Gene stuff that ties the whole story together in a nice package. So I don't think my previous idea will really work. 
  • What are you playing?

    @Garthgou81 I would double check if it has started your preload yet just to make sure it does. I ordered it today after listening to some reviews and it was downloaded by the time I got home from work.

    I heard the Giant Bomb guys talking about Guacamele 2 being surprisingly hard. I never finished the first one but I did like it a lot. I'll definitely check it out some day.
    I hadn't checked when I wrote that post. It looks like it was all pre-loaded as of 7:45am and a couple of day one patches also downloaded. In addition to the theme bonus and all of that. 

    As for Guacamelee, yeah. I remember not being as irritated by the difficulty or humor in the first one. Its one of the harder platformers I have played in a while. The controls are fine, but occasionally not as dialed in as I wished they were. It has some insanely frustrating parts where the window you have to complete something right needs to be almost entirely on-point. The good news is, there is really no load screens for when you fuck up. Which is pretty essential for this game to not get controller-breaking-levels of anger. 

    On a different note, I am not sure if you ever played Severed. But it is also by DrinkBox who did the Guacamelee games. It has a similar art style, but heavily uses a touchscreen. I believe it is on the Vita as well as iOS. I highly recommend it. It actually tells a pretty poignant story of loss and grief. I think I'd rather them stick to that type of game. But you will have to let me know what you think of both if you get around to them. 
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 8 - Milk

    Is the title of this episode a reference to the milk Camille drinks at the dinner table? I believe that Camille was exaggerating to deflect Adora's attention from Amma, but do we have a clear answer if she was poisoned at this point? It seemed like that's where they going, but it didn't really seem relevant in the end.
    That is an option, but Camille is also drinking a cup of milk and throws away the jug (recycle Camille, c'mon!) when she finds the bed blanket in the trash for the dollhouse which leads to her finding the teeth.