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  • Just got fired from my job

    Oh man, I am so sorry. I got the boot from my job in November of 15, I won't say anything mind-blowing...but:

    *As others have said get on whatever assistance you can. I know in California it can be difficult to get unemployment if you were fired for certain things, but it is worth a shot.

    *Get on those apps. You lost your job, but now your job is applying and interviewing. 

    *Take interviews for jobs you don't want, they will help you cut your teeth for the ones you actually do.

    *I used to be the director at a group home in Boston for kids (this was the job I got fired from). I was in a pretty low place after getting fired. But things can and will get better. I am now in Northern CA working for a county up here and in a MUCH more prestigious and higher paying job. This will be just a stumbling block for you, as awful as it feels now, just try and remember it will improve. So you are allowed to wallow for a bit, of course, but it sounds like you have a good plan of attack. 
  • I keep falling asleep listening to bald move

    That you are tired?
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  • Twin Peaks Commissioned Pod

    Oh and my best plan for watching the new Return series is - definatly 
    watch all of season 1 (you need to get endeared to these charachters). Watch up to around ep.5 or 6 of season two then skip to the final two episodes. Then Firewalk With Me. You're good to go! 
    I still am so very confused about how Fire Walk with Me was so panned. I mean I get the movie lost a bunch of the absurdist, endearing tone of the series. But it is an amazingly fucked up, spiral of a teenager's life. Did people just not like that drastic shift in atmosphere? Because Twin Peaks itself was wildly dark at times. It just was hidden and under the surface waiting to boil over at any moment. Maybe that was it. 
  • How do you pronounce "gif"? I will die on this hill.

    I try not to actually say it out loud. It makes me feel like something that should only be seen on message boards online. 
  • The Ringer TOP 50 Fast food items

    Has anyone mentioned the Doughboys podcast? Based on the conversation in here, just about everyone would love it. Its really one of my favorites. Insanely funny and geeky and they talk about chain restaurants. Its fantastic.