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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    cdrive said:

    Feeling for you buddy.  They HAVE TO be working on a way to get power back up.  You can't tell folks to shelter in place with no power or heat.  
    JaimieT said:
    @Garthgou81 - That is my nightmare, with this situation. I feel for you. Please keep us updated! 
    Giovanni said:
    @Garthgou81 That sounds really crummy. I hope they are able to get your power back on soon. Thanks for continuing to go to work and keep things running for everyone else. 
    Thanks all. Yeah. It is an awfully grimy feeling to not be able to take a warm shower to begin with. But with all going on I feel absolutely filthy to be washing my hands in cold water. I have a routine now though. I wash my hands as much as humanly possible at work, charge up all my devices and backup chargers, come home, and just kind of plant myself in bed after bundling up in layers. Oh and booze.

    Its also a weird thing that I've experienced before where you just can't sleep because you are anxious about the power. Also...since I live in the woods, we get critters around. Let me tell you, mountain lions make the worst fucking sounds on the planet. They are scary enough on their own, but laying without power in the absolute dark and then hearing this are the things nightmares are made of (they came around last night):
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    I think they are totally different animals. The Dark Knight trilogy hinged on storytelling, 1989’s Batman virtually had none. What it had in spades was entertaining performances and style out the yazoo.

     It was cool seeing such a gothic version of Gotham. You always got the impression from the comics that this was a town that survived the medieval ages, but only just barely. With all the gargoyles and weird shaped buildings. Furthermore you got the idea and vibe that anyone who chose to live there was sort of insane as is. So what better city to put Batman in?

     In Nolan’s version it was more just an urban setting and it didn’t really have a huge amount of style to it. Not that the shots weren’t gorgeous. But they didn’t have fog and shadows permeating every moment. The shots with Nolan were large, bombastic, sweeping shots of the city.

    Nolan’s movies will always be my fave, but 89 Batman is no slouch, if for no other reason than the holy trinity of Keaton being an unhinged superhero, Nicholson being Nicholson, and the crazy design of the city. 
  • American Horror Story Season 10: Cast Reveal & Latest Teasers

    Wasn't there some talk of the next season being streaming only? That's really what will determine whether I watch it or not. No matter how bad it gets I'm always ready to give a new season a chance, but if it's only streaming on Hulu or something, forget it.
    FX has a deal with Hulu to allow streaming for recent episodes. Like they are doing right now with Devs, if memory serves. So you may be thinking of that. I doubt FX would just drop such a huge off of their immediate cable network. But I’ve been wrong before. 
  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    I haven't gotten around to the episode yet, so this may have already been brought up, apologies if so. The way the episode title is worded, has some word play in it, "Abar" instead of "a bar." I googled Abar up and apparently there is a 1977 movie called "Abar : The First Black Superman." The synopsis is "An African-American doctor experiences racist threats in his neighborhood, and employs a man who leads a militant civil rights group as his family's bodyguard while he develops a serum that gives ordinary people superpowers." There are a ton of other references which may send us down a rabbit hole. But I don't want to dig too deep for concern of spoilers. 
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    cdrive said:
    My flight to Chicago just landed. It was a duel between Crawl and Rocketman.  So glad I went with Rocketman. Amazing. And I usually don’t like musicals but I do very much like the bottomless treasure chest of Elton John jams.  Why do I always pick tearjerkers on flights and have to hold it together surrounded by strangers!?  But man...a messed up childhood and family and self-hate and self-doubt and turning that into addiction and then getting it turned’s inspiring. I’m walking out of this airport feeling like a champ after watching that.  Beautiful day in Chicago! 
    I actually think that is a thing. I think I've read stories about traveling bringing out more emotions than you typically would display. I know it happened to me when I was waiting on a flight in San Francisco and watched True Grit. God I lost it at the end and was a sobbing wreck.