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  • RIP Those Who Died In 2019

    Robert Forster died yesterday? Man, what a bummer. I loved that guy. Jackie Brown is such an underrated classic. And he passed the day El Camino was released? The world is a weird. RIP, man, you rocked in everything.
  • The Great California Power Blackout of 2019

    The irony is I live in Camino, CA. 
    ChinaskiTeresa from Concord
  • Succession - HBO

    ken hale said:
    Who’s the blood sacrifice? What the hell does that even mean?. 
    I first thought of Tom, but he's not actually "blood" since he married into the family.  I'm thinking Greg is going to get torched.
    I also thought Tom. Blood-in-law. I easily see Shiv doing nothing to stop it. Footstool Greg could help it happen. And honestly I’d be ok with it. But what was all that talk about “if only I had time to write a book” and “I have diaries.” I feel that’s important somehow. 
    It’s important because Bill could sense he was going be the sacrificial lamb and wanted to remind Logan that he has written documents. It’s what makes Logan realize that he needs to have someone higher to fall on that sword. That’s how I understood it anyway. 
    Doctor_NickawookieeTeresa from Concord
  • Bald Move Spooktacular 2019

    Cecily said:
    @neilfgks I am realllllllllly loving the idea of doing a Christmas Spooktacular some year.  It'd have to be a special occasion though, we can't just do that every year.
    Yeah, I think I brought this up last year actually. There are a decent amount of Christmas horror movies: Gremlins, Krampus, A Christmas Horror Story, Silent Night Deadly Night, Black Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas. You could add in some cool horror themed TV episodes like "...And All Through the House" by Tales from the Crypt, "Seasons of Belief," by Tales from the Darkside, "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas" by The X-Files. 
  • El Camino -Rewatching the Final Season

    So I started off just watching the final 14 episodes. But I knocked out the first 8 of Season Five. I was wondering how to best proceed as it seemed like I could knock out the other 8 just as quickly. I decided to go the Star Wars/Darth Vader origin route. After seeing Walt at the top of his game, I have gone back watched season one and am going to try to get up through Season Four and then capping off the series with the final 8 episodes. Can't lie, it is sort of an interesting way of going about it. It only works if you know what came before, but still, sort of interesting. 
    ken hale