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    So last Friday I re-visited SUBWAY since it's next door to my hair cut place and I was trying to be quick during lunch.

    Two new sandwich-related SUBWAY news items:

    #1 $5 foot long is back
    #2 They now have fresh mozzarella medallions!  

    The only thing that keeps Subway off my ban list is the cold cut combo. Cheapest and best sandwich on the menu; also the only time I ever eat bologna. Roll through about once a year. Come to think of it, I'm about due for one.1
    don't they call their bologna 'mortadella'? i just can't do subway. i can't help but think of that creep Jared, and that overpowering Subway bread smell. 'Subway! Eat Flesh!'.

    y'all in Texas have Schlotzsky's. turbo jealous!
    Subway was the primary restaurant they had in my food court in college. That bread smell is a real thing. I can’t go there again. 
  • What are you playing?

    Brothers is such a gorgeous game. One of the few that has made me pretty dang emotional. 
  • The Boys on Amazon

    I read the series a handful of years back. I liked it well enough, but it is does the typical Garth Ennis thing of really long exposition and text and then shocking for shock's sake. With that said, I have heard nothing but great things about this series, so I will definitely be giving it a whirl. It looks like it has already been renewed for a second season. It is always promising when studios renew before it even hits wide audiences. 
    ken hale
  • New Watchmen Official Teaser Trailer

    The movie has its pro's, but its cons are practically unforgivable. The pro's being that it is gorgeously shot, well-acted for the most part, and the montage at the beginning. It also could be argued that the ending change works better in the movie. The con however is a complete missing of the point of the original story. Snyder shoots these amazing fight sequences, full of slow-motion and glitz and glam. The book was a rebuttal of super heroes. It poked at all the flaws in the super hero genre. The characters were flawed and kind of messes of people. The movie glorified them and it made me wonder if I read the same book as Snyder did.

    With that said, I did and do like the movie for the spectacle that it is. But I have a feeling that the more I sit with it and the more times I watch it, the more the film will stick in my craw.  
  • Twilight Zone

    I get people wanting more subtle commentary. But The Twilight Zone was never a subtle show. They had an intro and an outro where the narrator literally explained the themes of what you just witnessed. Also, in a day when subtlety can be completely missed it seems like their only option when trying to make a point.

    I will be the first to say that this season is hit or miss. But so far I am still looking forward to new episodes. It is sleekly shot and I love the diversity we are getting in the actors that are chosen. There are some things that could be tightened up, but inconsistencies are standard with anthology shows (which I realize sounds like an excuse).

    The show has its downfalls, but  I have a hard time calling them on the heavy-handedness or racial themes when that is the sandbox the show has always played in.