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  • What are you playing?

    I finally watched credits roll on Red Dead 2. Goodness, what a long game. By the end I was really just ready for it to wrap up. It definitely outstayed its welcome, but not like I was going to not finish it after plugging away at it for so long. It is definitely a remarkable achievement of a game. But I can't honestly say I had all that much fun. 
  • Top 5 Best video game countdown

    Of all time? Because if so RDR2 might have some sort of recency bias. It’s a great game and all,  but it’s only been two months since that thing dropped.
    Frakkin T
  • "Gods of Thrones" 3: Talking Catelyn

    Its supposed to be Chattin' Catelyn! 
  • Breaking Bad after watching Better Call Saul - no contest

    hitmy said:
    Yeah.... those white supremacists guys were a pretty weak final "big bad"
    Yes they were, but I also think that was the point. That Walt's hubris, which consistently got him into trouble, let him overlook the threat they posed. After taking out Gus, Walt thought he was untouchable. It was somewhat poetic that assholes like them took down the great Heisenberg. 
    ken hale
  • Bald Move NES Side-scroller

    The Pete fight would obviously be in a pit. It can't be anywhere else. 

    Other bosses? David Chen of course. Maybe the pink teddy bear from the end of S2 of Breaking Bad. Aron could hulk out to take that fucker on while Jim dodges debris. 

    I think Jim powers up with burritos, as you said, but Aron powers up with Jim Beam.

    A level where Aron captains a boat needs to be in there and Jim can be fighting off Westworld hosts who are on the boat. Why are they on the boat? "Who knows? who cares?" which is what I am pretty sure they said plenty in the Westworld writer's room. 

    On the "Continue?" screen it naturally has to have "Save Bald Move!" as the title.