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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Scare Me: This is about two horror writers stuck in a cabin after the power goes out. They take turns telling each other scary stories. It is a comedy but has its moments of darkness also. I liked it well enough, but man, it is getting shredded on places like Letterboxd. I thought it was fun and the sound design was great. It is on Shudder if anyone is wanting to give it a whirl. 
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    Highly looking forward to this docu-series.
    Ya know, I am a huge King fan. But The Stand has never been one of my favorites. I am an outlier in that regard. The first 50 pages or so was always the most interesting to me because it was all about how the virus was spread and the collapse of things. 15-year-old me ate that up. It is not fun in real life. 
  • Cord Cutting

    MrX said:
    Pluto TV is a good free streaming app for when you're missing mindless cable channel surfing. The have a bunch of channels, complete with commerical breaks!
    I like Pluto quite a bit. They have a Hell's Kitchen channel. All Hell all the time!
  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    ken hale said:
    asmallcat said:
    But how long has The Last Skywalker or whatever been out now and I still haven't even bothered watching it on Disney + shows that TLJ made me REALLY not care at all about these characters or the story. 
    This, 100%.  Force Awakens is still the only movie I've seen twice in the theater.  I was HYPED.  But I haven't even bothered to watch the last one, either.  I can't imagine the franchise ever recapturing my interest.  Maybe I should give Mandalorian a shot.
    I would give The Mandalorian a shot. I am not a Star Wars fan, and always felt like I should have my geek card revoked because of that. That said, I loved The Mandalorian because it gave us a different flavor of the universe that made things much more interesting to me. It scratched a number of different itches that I didn't know Stars Wars could. 
    Deeken hale

    Chinaski said:
    alright, so who lives by or has been to a Wawa? is it as awesome as i envision it? a gas station that looks like it has some pretty awesome sandwiches and snacks!
    I have been, but probably approaching 20 years ago. I recall it being a game changer even back then.