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  • What are you binging right now?

    Chinaski said:
    started watching Fear City: New York vs The Mafia on Netflix. pretty good if you're into mob docs.
    I finished that last night. It is super good. And it really doesn't overstay its welcome. It is three episodes instead of the usual six. I thought it was entirely enthralling. It is amazing the amount of work law enforcement did on that case (and others to be sure), but so many things had to go just right for that to happen the way it did. 
  • What are you binging right now?

    fidoz said:
    Almost done with my Sopranos rewatch. Gonna check out what this Yellowstone is all about next.

    jluzania said:
    Now, at very very long last, I am jumping into Mad Men. Unfortunately, my timing is kind of rotten as Mad Men's years-long home on Netflix recently ended and shifted over to Amazon's IMDbTV. On one hand, IMDbTV is free. On the other, I already have Netflix and Prime, anyway. And IMDbTV is ad-supported, so I could have joined the millions who watched Mad Men on Netflix over the years and not had to see commercials, particularly the same five commercials repeatedly inserted randomly throughout the episodes instead of the show's old natural ad breaks. But I guess that's what I get for procrastinating for 13 years. Shame Amazon didn't stick it on Prime. 

    In any case, 10 episodes in and I'm enjoying it. It'll be good to fill this particular Prestige TV gap. 
    What have you thought and how far in are you?

    I also am jumping back in and rewatching Mad Men (I am liking it even more the second time around) after a Sopranos rewatch (probably a 5th or 6th rewatch in total for me) not that long ago. I may follow all of this up with a Boardwalk Empire rewatch (this will just be my first rewatch, but I loved how quiet the show was juxtaposed with the gangland violence out of the blue), just to put a cork on the Soprano's alum series. 
  • Quarantine Eats

    I bought Sam The Cooking Guy's knife. That thing is a beast and does a great job. I've never actually had a quality knife. So this has blown my mind. 
  • THE BOYS Season 2 (Spoilers)

    ray_x03 said:
    Super excited to see where this story goes

    Is this the first time that Prime Video has released a season week by week? This is also getting me more hopeful about a possible week-by-week Expanse S5 release!
    I wouldn't be surprised if more streaming services did this. They are facing a content drought, so may as well make these water-cooler shows stay in the public consciousness as long as possible. 
  • Video game podcasts?

    I started off with Gamers with Jobs, because they were just incredibly open and inclusive and mature. These days I don't find myself enjoying it nearly as much. Maybe I am getting old and irritable, but I just find the production value and hosts to both be lacking. They do occasionally talk about board games though, which is fun. It doesn't focus hardly at all on news though. So if that is what you are in the search for, that one isn't it.

    Giant Bombcast: I usually have this one on for background noise and news discussions. Jeff Gerstman knows his stuff, but I find him to be insufferable to listen to. He likes what he likes, but will let a single aspect he doesn't like to ruin an entire game for him. But then also has no problem railing on that aspect for 25 minutes while other hosts just sit and listen, because he is the boss. It also deals heavily with the tech aspects of hardware and such. to the point where my eyes glaze over. So, not my favorite. But they are probably the most downloaded podcast for video games out there, so it may just be me.

    But these days Giant Beastcast is my favorite. They are the Eastcoast version of Giant Bomb. The crew has excellent chemistry and keep the conversation moving in the standard intro/check-in->games->news->e-mails format. It is regularly funny and insightful. So this is the one I would recommend most, especially after one of their hosts who would derail conversations recently left.

    Just a note, that with Covid-19, all recordings are done via whatever app they are all using (across the board), so the audio quality (since you mentioned that) is not going to be pristine.