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  • Why did A.Ron leave Better Call Saul

    So, a couple of things,

    First, what many were worried about before this show started was how over-bearing Saul could be as a lead. He works in spurts on BB because he is obnoxious. If we had to follow BB Saul for 44 minutes every episode, that would get real annoying real quick. I think they knew that and have managed to tap dance...sometimes a bit too long, I will give you that...with Jimmy's turn to Saul. I will say that for everything to wrap up, we are going to need much more Gene stuff, and I suspect another time jump and some montages of Saul actually lawyering. They have a longer season next season. And I believe they have a road map for where they are going, even if not all the particulars set. 

    For all the BB connections, they need to be done sparingly to be effective. Even the regular use of Huell...I started to get worried we would get too much fan service for the sake of fan service. If we had an episode where we show each of those connections, it gets to be too much. They've given us enough with Huell, Francessca, Mike (and then tangentially Gus) for us to see how he'd end up with a host of pals to call on. Not to mention Kuby was supposed to be in this season, but couldn't due to other stuff going on. Sometimes things just don't work out. I'd say they even pushed the envelope with the cartel and Gus stuff, which always causes a huge yawn from me (with some exceptions of course). But everyone's mileage varies on what they prefer. I am not saying I am right, just what I care and don't care about. 

    Last thing, and on a different note, during a recent lunch Aron got asked if he had kept up with BCS even though he wasn't covering it. It was towards the end of this last season. There was a huge pregnant pause and he hadn't watched any of the season. Is that what you'd want to listen to in a podcast, someone who lacks that interest to even watch it just for pleasure? Not to speak for him, but it just isn't scratching that itch for him right now, it appears.
  • What are you binging right now?

    rkcrawf said:
    Quantum Leap and BSG on NBC streaming, for no good reason. I've seen Battlestar before, but started listening to the Battllestar Galticast, which triggered a rewatch. I watched some of Quantum Leap during the original run with my mom, and got nostalgic when I saw it on. It's a little interesting, but doesn't quite live up to modern standards. 
    It is funny that they went to such lengths of CGI'ing in Al in, because they didn't want his shadow as he is a hologram. Where it could easily have been hand-waved away with different camera angles, or explain it that he is just a vision of Sam's or something. Dean Stockton and Scott Bakula rarely had an in-person scene together because of that. 

    But yeah, some of those episodes are really cringy, like when Sam is transported into a developmentally delayed kid or when he was a female. But others were really cool, like the two-parter where he leaps into Lee Harvey Oswald. The ending for that one blew my young mind. 
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    cdrive said:
    Color Out Of Space

    Lovecraft - check
    Nicolas Cage - check
    beautiful shots with Mandy-esque psychedelic tri-color... CHECK

    Just a big crazy carnival ride.  And kinda gross- lol. Why does Lovecraft always have to get kinda gross haha. 
    I have that on 4K that I keep meaning to get around to. I am glad it is getting good buzz. Especially since the director is doing two more follow-up Lovecraft movies.
  • What are you playing?

    I have sunk the last few months into Horizon : Zero Dawn. Man, it is a gorgeous game, but the combat really does not fit with what I enjoy in a game. It took me forever to realize that stealth was important and I just couldn't get into that, especially with so many machines littering the world and next to nothing to actually use for stealth. Add in that it seems like they really intend you to methodically plan each attack or conflict you plan to get into.

    I started out on "Hard" difficulty before dropping it down to "Normal." Even after that I had missions that were well below my level that I just felt were completely over my head. I dropped it down to the very easiest difficulty (I never do that, but I was just beating my head against the wall so often that it was not pleasurable to play). Ever since I have been enjoying things so much more. I am tearing around the country slaughtering machines with ease, this is much more my speed.

    Anyone have a similar experience with H:ZD?
    ken hale
  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    I hate the title of this episode. I am not thinking any significant deaths either. Some emotional deaths...definitely.