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  • 607 - "Chapter 7"

    This episode turned it all around for me. It was definitely the best of the season, topping last week's in my opinion. I was actually spooked watching this. It's really fun to see the "real" ghosts show up. They truly are creepy. I'm going to guess Lee somehow survives this. She will come out maimed but alive to escape home to her daughter. No strong basis for this other than I'm hoping they stray away from the blonde girl as the only survivor trope. Plus we might automatically count her as dead after they took her leg opening up the chance for them to "surprise" us. Or Angela Bassett will survive just because she is a badass. 
  • American Horror Story 605 - Chapter 5


    Don't let us down Murphy!

    Frakkin TMichelle
  • 102 - "Chestnut"

    Forgive me if someone has already said this:

    Doesn't it seem like Bernard left that photograph that Abernathy found? He left the gun there in what seemed like the same place for Delores to find. Was he trying to force some kind of mental break? Could he have programmed in some kind of secret code with the phrase "The violent delights have violent ends?" that causes the robots to break from their guest friendly programming? What is his aim with all this? Is he assisting the MIB? Getting him a real gun that he can use to take out some other important person? Ford maybe even? Or another high profile guest? 
  • American Horror Story 605 - Chapter 5

    This season seems like it has mostly been running. Run from the guy with the pig head. Run around in the woods. Run away in your car. This episode was ALL running. 

    I did enjoy the Mott character. Who knew? Evan Peters can pull off a colonial wig. The Ringu spider girl was hella creepy. The poor Prof Cunningham chopped to pieces and his bashed in pumpkin head were chilling. I loved seeing Fances Conroy as the crazy hick lady.  

    All in all, it was okay. I'm curious what kind of twist we're going to see next episode. Having the cast and crew appear at the house doesn't seem all that twisty, but we'll see I guess. 
  • 601 - Chapter 1

    I really liked this first episode. They haven't overdone it or over-explained it into absurdity just yet. There is a lot of tension, some good jump out and scare you moments, and a whole lot of the eery. Eventually, I'm sure we'll get there. There's always that point in this series where there is so much going on and the creepy ghost people dissolve from the evil mysterious into simple quirky though murderous characters. There is something fun about just going crazy and being rather goofy, but I'm enjoying the restraint so far. The documentary style is an interesting switch although it seems like most everyone hates it. It definitely threw me at first. I do think that there has to be some kind of twist with this. For now I'm content to just wait and see.