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  • Quarantine Eats

    I accidentally made too many lentils, so I had lentil tikka masala, mujadara, lentils mixed in with my baked beans, lentils on my salad, ... so many lentils. 
  • New pin!

    Did you guys see the new pin-y pin? It's very cool. I can't wait to get mine and I am telling all my German teacher friends and colleagues about it!
    I love my House Snow pin, so I know this one will be great, too. 
  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    OliviaD said:
    Lovely use of “Jenny’s song” 
    Did you see/hear this yet? Florence and the Machine did a cover. It's beautiful. I'm all TBT to LOTR Enya/AnnieL et al.
  • What makes Bald Move so good?

    I do listen to some other podcasts. I've tried some and quit, but BaldMove is my #1, go-to, every time. Maybe we appreciate them, because when we gaze into the BaldMove mirror, we see ourselves. Regular people, talking about regular things, making all kinds of regular fuck-ups, and then on occasion, accomplishing outstanding feats (e.g. Marathon 1.0 and 2.0). Most other podcasts are predictable, formulaic (sometimes to the point of being a slave to the motions), and extremely polished. BaldMove is messy, creative, and real. Like, I love listening to Jim and A.Ron use smart vocabulary and talk about smart things and important things and sometimes even really, really stupid things. Or even on a occasion, I hear them talk about something that I am not familiar with, and then I go and learn more about it. Mainly, I guess because I want to feel like I'm in the know, but I'm glad for that push to keep experiencing more in life. Well, I hope this doesn't read weird.  
  • 307 - The Final Country

    EMAW42 said:
    It can’t be a coincidence Julie was calling herself Mary July and now we find the one eyed man is named Mr. June. Ms. July seems like a cute nickname you’d give yourself based on “Mr. June”. I wonder if June helped her escape eventually and tried to let her live a normal life; maybe Julie viewed June as her father, which is why she made that phone call when her real dad was on the screen. It’s a bit confusing to me why Julie knows/remembers her real name and doesn’t turn herself in.
    I thought the same thing myself. That it just doesn't seem like a coincidence.