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  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    JaimieT said:
    I hope there's so many Oh cosplayers at Dragon Con. I also hope Dragon Con isn't cancelled from coronavirus.
    Thanks for the idea! I might have to get me some ears, raybans and a wig so I can run around screaming at people about global sterilization targeting pattern 5.    For reals on DragonCon.   I'm still holding out a glimmer of hope that Southern Fried GameRoom Expo in July makes it but seems like at this point we'd need Q to intervene.   

    Be safe out there..
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    Good ol' planetary sterilization targeting pattern number 5.   Numbers 1-4 just didn't quite cut it. 

    But 5... That's the sweet spot.   planetary sterilization targeting pattern number 5 is so bright, you need to wear shades to watch it happen.

    I think Oh, this season was one of the most ridiculous characters I've ever seen on Star Trek.  Including the time the Voyager crew turned into Horny Alligators.   I still take those Horny Alligators more seriously than Oh.

    I feel like the space battles in this season were a complete mess, made worse by giant space flowers.  

    At least we got to meet the Rikers.   Will Riker FTW.

    So.. umm.. yeah.  that was Season 1 of Picard.   Hopefully season 2 will have that new Picard smell?  

    stay safe out there folks..
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    I'm not sure which I'm looking forward to more.  The conclusion of this story or rage quitting CBS All-Access once they kill off Picard in an unsatisfactory way.    I swear to Q if they mind-transfer Picard into some underwear-model's body for Season 2 - I might break my tv.
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    Flukes said:
    Kestra: v. good
    That's not enough milk for a piece of cake that size though.
    I guess she's got to build up tolerance?  But I'm intrigued about planet raffi special cake as a dessert course for the bunnicorn pie.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    ken hale said:
    So, uhh, what was with that horse last week?

    Pale horse of death? Nah
    Arya’s dead? Nah
    Bran warged it? Nah
    Just an inexplicably clean-ass horse hanging out in an apocalypse, never to be seen again? Nailed it.
    Maybe proof this season has been The DD's art project and not a storytelling one?

    Writer's Room:
    "You know what feels majestic and artsy?  A partially bridled horse approaching a young woman in a bombed out hellscape!"   

    One person meekly protests to the idea that it should be a bunch of chickens (a sign from the Hound that the Clegane's were done bowling) but they are told to go get more coffee and bottled water for everyone.
    ken hale