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  • MLB 2019

    Good game, A's.  A lot of guys were going yard last night!
  • Lunch withOUT J&A&C

    Hell, I'm even putting it in general so the riff-raff can join in for once!  ;)

    Don't forget your orange liqueur.  Cointreau if you're fancy but Triple Sec is fine.  Always good to have fresh limes and a bottle of lime juice to elevate whatever mix you go with and help dial it in.  Cause using pure pre-made mix no matter the brand is too sweet to me.  And here is a fucking mind blower I learned from my sister.  Get some twangerz for your salt. They have lime and chili lime. If you're lucky you might run into their mango chili flavor or tamarind flavor.  

  • MLB 2019

    Astros vs A's tonight.   @Chinaski ; @Michelle

  • What music are you streaming?

    On a Joe Walsh kick. Life of Illusion. James Gang. My Maserati does 185. But right now One of These Nights. “Oooooooooh Someone to be kind to in between the dark and the light” with the guitarmonies. Every Brit that played a les Paul was cause Joe.   
  • The Terror: Infamy (S2:E1) "A Sparrow in a Swallow's Nest" (spoilers)

    Loved the premiere.  I read somewhere from one of the show runners or writers that they were paying homage to Japanese horror genre, which I'm a big fan of.  So just like Stranger Things paying homage to some of the 80's horror greats, I think it is to be understood that these are intentional tips of the hat and not seen as tropey.

    I first got hooked on Japanese horror through Ringu.  I randomly picked it up at the video rental store like "what the fuck? this looks cool. why not?"  2002 before twitter and YouTube so I had no heads up about what I was about to see.  When Sadako crawled through the TV I lost my shit. That was the scariest thing I had seen and I was alone in a dark room watching on a big square CRT TV.  Since then I have collected all that stuff.  I have DVD's of Ringu 1& 2, Ju-On 1 & 2, Dark Water, Premonition, etc.  So I'm stoked for this season.  I'm really rooting for it to be good.