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  • Post Your Dankest Memes

    To my fellow Bald Movers with an uhhh....unique sense of humor:

    (Volume Up)

  • NBA 2019-2020 Thread

    Chinaski said:
    yo @cdrive - thoughts on the Wall for Russ trade?
    Oh sorry you just interrupted me doing the Teach Me How To Dougie dance for the past hour.

    I love it if he’s can be healthy. Him and Boogie being Kentucky strong...if they’re both healthy that would be swell and neat. And Christian Wood addition is nice.  That 1st round pick with Wall is protected for years but what do you expect.  And we got John Lucas on staff to help Wall stay focused.

    And I LOVE the new powder blue alternate jerseys the Rockets revealed today too! That paired this week with the return signing of the native, city favorite Gerald Green, who walks into games in Warren Moon vintage jerseys and braids his hair into an Oilers logo....Love Ya Bluuuue! 

  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    I used a Small Clone for the longest time, I tend to love EHX pedals - IMO they're the best value pedals around, but the more that I played (and the better I got!) I wanted more and different sounds.  The Small Clone was amazing at a narrow range of sounds, the Waxa Chorus doesn't exactly have a huge variety of sounds but it nails every classic sound you could ever want.  If I could put it in philosophical terms, Plato would consider the Waxa Chorus the 'ideal form' of chorus pedals ;)

    In terms of chorus - especially the Boss chorus - being back in vogue, it's all Drab Majesty.  That dude plays through 2 (!) waza choruses and plays into a Roland Jazz 120 (which is what the Boss Chorus pedal is based on).
    Ok so continuing with Plato, your Small Stone was your life inside the cave, but the Waza chorus is you freed outside the cave and drenched in the sunlight.   :)

    Man I know exactly who Drab Majesty is.  So random.  I dig that shit.  That crowd loves their Roland Jazz 120 stereo amps for real.  

    Well I'm definitely further intrigued about Waza chorus....
  • General Tomfoolery

    I just found out my wife follows Jake Tapper’s dog, Winston Tapper, on Twitter. 

    ... :| ...

    2020, man. 

    Also the One Blade guard #5 fell off this morning and I mowed a nice big bald path thru my beard.  So I had to shave it and now I’m 12. 

    I’m gonna go grab a beer. 
  • General Tomfoolery

    Every time I come across this ad on the internet, I chuckle a little bit. So I figured I'd share in General Tomfoolery.  Good morning, Bald Movers.