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  • What music are you streaming?

    new Polvo is really good
  • What's the Bald Move CBD 50% off Promo Code????

    I'm just joking like my typical self, not trying to be dismissive.  I took some last night, and almost every night this week.  I've taken it off and on for a year maybe 2 now.  Gummies, the gel caps with oil, and the oil straight up out of the dropper.  I'd say it's akin to a quarter pill of xanax.  Just sort of relaxes you.  Especially helps with anxiety.  So at night if I'm having a particularly stressful time at work, I'm always trying to organize everything I have to do the next day instead of just calming down and relaxing to go to bed.  Or this week, coming back from a booze-drenched week-long boondoggle, I wanted to chill out on the drinking.  Well that also gets you extra anxious at night when you're trying to settle down.  So it helps a whole lot for me with anxiety.    

  • 104 - If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own (Spoilers)

    Islands in the Stream! Give it to me! 
    MurderbearTeresa from Concordgjames80
  • 103 - She Was Killed by Space Junk (Spoilers)

    CapeGabe said:
    This show is starting to feel too cool for school. It's almost like it's going to be all setup to a big reveal and not just telling a story. 

    I'm still onboard, just getting a little frustrated with the pacing. 

    I thought the speed of light to Mars was 3 minutes? Why they say 40 seconds?
    Really dumb theory but it seemed like they were messing with numbers this episode.

    Briefcase code is 667 instead of 666.
    Hotel room is 238 instead of 237.
    40 seconds to Mars instead of 30 seconds to Mars?????

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  • What music are you streaming?

    New GBV album dropped today !!!

    listening to unfun glitz! A banger!