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  • What music are you streaming?

    YES. And I know, there are plenty of terrible amateur music videos out there that are technically worse but this is Sony label music video. And it's all done with a straight face. So, so bad.
    This is crabcore level of bad! haha

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    Michelle said:
    cdrive said:
    Went thru the drive thru of Antone’s Original Poboys in my hood and got The Piggy which is a 50 yr old classic that was resurrected 2 years ago. It’s a ham salad poboy. So good.

    Looks yummy but am I seeing onions? :mask:
    wait what? pull the E Brake! i thought that was cheese!
    It might be cheese!  I saw that melted cheese under the pickle & thought the smaller, translucent-looking chunks were diced onions.  Still though, you could order it without onions & it would be *amazing*.
    It’s little cubes of cheese. Haha. No onions. It’s also cubes of pickles, peppers and ham decadence. I’m an onion fan but I know when onions need to stay back like in a sandwich salad. There were no onions. Haha
  • What music are you streaming?

    Travis said:
    Holy shit! That's super fucked up. You guys ok?
    Thanks man, we're fine. Just a little disturbed by it.  I found this on Instagram,  looks like it was posted that night before the shooting:

    So that's EZ7, a famous local skate ditch also super close to my house.  I've skated there, my brother, my friends, my friend's kids, everybody.  Hell it's a Pokemon Go Poke Stop.  So maybe after the video shoot an after party got going at this apartment complex in the neighborhood and an argument broke out into gunshots.  I didn't hear it, but I was watching TV.  Some of my neighbors heard the shots and then heard a woman screaming and crying.  
  • What music are you streaming?

    This is so crazy but I'm going to listen to Slim Thug's new album "King of the Nawf" on the ride home cause guest rapper EMG Santana GOT SHOT AND KILLED 1000 FEET FROM MY HOUSE LAST NIGHT!  All over the local news, rap news, and my homeowner association's social groups.  Just nuts.  


    So last Friday I re-visited SUBWAY since it's next door to my hair cut place and I was trying to be quick during lunch.

    Two new sandwich-related SUBWAY news items:

    #1 $5 foot long is back
    #2 They now have fresh mozzarella medallions!