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  • Chernobyl vs Sharp Objects at the Emmys

    Michelle said:
    Chernobyl aired exclusively in 2019 and Sharp Objects aired exclusively in 2018 with no plans for a season 2.  I don't think they'll be going up against each other for anything.
    Actually, the eligibility period is from June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019, so they will probably be going up against each other in the miniseries category.
  • Kit Harrington checked himself into a Wellness retreat

    ken hale said:
    Ben said:
    The massive pile on from critics and "fans" probably hasn't helped either. I hope him and Rose come out stronger from the other side. 
    Boy, I really don't like this take.  Best wishes to the guy, whatever he's going through, but if it's just "hurt feelings from fans who didn't even personally criticize me in their criticism of the show I'm on," then I think he'll be fine.
    If you read the articles, they're saying he checked in before the final season even started airing.  It seems it had more to do with the enormous pressure of the show and he had been feeling this way since the focus of the show moved on to him after he was stabbed and brought back from the dead.
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  • Great British Baking Show Season 6

    There are actually 7 seasons on Netflix.  6 are under the title "The Great British Baking Show" and then there is a separate show called "The Great British Baking Show - The Beginnings".

    Apparently, they've aired in America in a completely different order than over in the UK:

    Under "The Great British Baking Show"

    Season 1 was Series 5 in UK
    Season 2 was Series 4 in UK
    Season 3 was Series 6 in UK
    Season 4 was Series 7 in UK
    Season 5 was Series 8 in UK
    Season 6 Was Series 9 in UK

    Under "The Great British Baking Show - The Beginnings"

    Season 1 was Series 3 in UK

    No idea if we'll be getting Series 1 or 2 on Netflix at some point?

    And I totally agree with PP above who said the show is like TV Xanax...I can't help but have a smile on my face when I put this show on <span>:smiley:</span>.  I'm still not completely through Season 6 on Netflix, but I loved all the bakers this season so much I don't even care who wins.
  • Random things everyone knows but you just found out

    Looks like both are technically correct:

  • 807 - Traitor

    @cdrive not sure if you watched previous seasons of AHS, but they did the silent film thing all the way back in season 3 - Coven in 2013.