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  • Sharp Objects Ep. 3 - "Fix"

    @A_Ron_Hubbard, I'm so grateful you guys are covering Sharp Objects, specifically with your family experience. While it's interesting listening to some of the general coverage, having grown up with a Narcissist-Borderline Southern mother like Adora, I am constantly waiting for podcasters coming from non-Borderline families to misunderstand how realistic she is or complain that Camille doesn't respond like they would. It's a relief to tune into your coverage and know you will get it.

    I was raised by my single mother (narcissist), beautiful and haunted by welcomed tragedy much like Adora, and spent a lot of time with my aunt (psychopath- textbook charmer) and I can tell you the shades of push/pull love you/hate you and gaslighting while loving and hating someone all at once are all too real. This is why I love these new dark genres that are emerging. It IS so real and based in truth. Make me feel sane.

    Good on you for surviving with an awareness. 
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 3 - "Fix"

    So, my two cents from the commentary post-podcast about alcoholism and how Camille functions (and PS I love how sheltered y'all are from the worst parts of this disease; reminds me not everyone has the same traumas as I do).

    I come from a long paternal line of alcoholism. My great grandfather died in a two room shack, one filled with empty wine bottles. My grandfather died at 56 due to complications of alcoholism. My father was diagnosed with cirrhosis at 33 and did not stop drinking. He is now 57, jobless, living rent free in a studio apartment that my uncle owns, and subsists on begging from relatives and friends, and a very tiny amount of government benefits. 

    I was his only constant in life, the only one of his four children to always answer phone calls, pay his bills, take him to appointments, write to him in jail, and clean up his messes. I only recently (this past month) cut him off after a series of repeatedly insane accusations brought on by hallucinations and paranoia in which he imagined I was plotting with the rest of the family against him. I'm currently on a journey to heal, and have made the choice to cut him off completely until he gets help (he won't; he will die alone and I will be devastated. The best I can do is steel myself). 

    That being said, yes, hallucinating while drinking is absolutely something that happens to chronic alcoholics. They hear voices, imagine people who aren't there, become paranoid. It is much like schizophrenia. They lose many bodily functions, not just "toilet" related. They drool, sway, cannot focus, see double, or halo effects. Or so has been my experience. 

    And it is also possible to function for a long time with no real outward signs physically, for those who think Camille is too "beautiful" to be that bad of an alcoholic. My dad's looks did not start to go until his early 40's, despite near daily drinking (outside of the occasional jail sentence when he was dry). He remained very handsome and charming; the life of the party. 

    He has recently graduated to drinking the cheapest 1/5 of whiskey you can get per day, straight (much like Camille and her vodka). It tastes horrendous. It's probably not even really whiskey, and his delusions are ramping up. So, yeah...

    IDK. This has been Oversharing Corner. LOL
  • 705 - "Go Getters"

    This episode was sloppy at best. I just didn't believe what they were trying to convey. It felt hodge-podged together, and a little like the actors didn't have much direction. It was stilted and the dialogue didn't flow correctly. How exactly was Enid able to get in and just randomly find two unmarked graves in a place where they don't bury their dead? 

    Awkward Award of The Episode is a tie between the choreography for Jesus (the weird repelling down the column?!) and the make out scene with Rick and Michonne. It was so awkward I couldn't stop giggling and averting my eyes.