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  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    JaimieT said:
    adobo1148 said:
    The roaring 20s theme felt flimsy. The showstopper was supposed to be a prohibition cake but wasn’t prohibition only in America?

    Yeah, but I think -- and it seems -- the mythos of the 20s contains prohibition... 

    Honestly I hope they give it another shot with a different group. This one really seemed not to give a fuck about it, and Helena just really outright ignored it LOL. I think it could have been fun. 
    I wish someone would have gone troll and made a voting ballot cake...
  • Rugby World Cup 2019

    Not a New Zealander but did a semester in Wellington during the Jonah Lomu days. I was an instant fan and have kept up with all the Tri Nations and world cup happenings since. Good to see the All Blacks getting the W on the Springboks
  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

    I'm just annoyed I have to suffer another round of people who think they're awesome because they can make the "If it takes a few kids getting molested to get Billie Jean, then maybe we throw MJ a few kids!" joke. It reminds me of the time after Louis CK had his "I want to keep saying f**got because I don't really mean it as a gay insult" bit and every douche on the block thought they had a license to calling people that.

    At least it's a really great, giant, blinking "Asshole" light for everyone
  • Mindhunter season 2

    lengmo said:
    I enjoyed it, but the material (Atlanta Child Murders) was tough. Can't say enough good things about Holt McCallany. It's interesting how they are handling BTK.
    I was happy they seemed to make everyone else primary this season. Ford is almost my least favorite character.  In terms of BTK it's wild they introduced him at the end of season one and it made me feel like season two would be all BTK. But he's still out there at the end and most of the time was spent elsewhere. It's interesting how Ford's profile template is evolving and BTK seems to be another step.
  • MLB 2019

    My impression of Minor was he was stinking up the joint recently. As an ATL fan I wasn't big on how his career ended there but happy to see him still kicking around and, prior to July, doing well.

    Speaking of ATL and pitching - thank All The Gods we seem to have some bullpen help coming post trade deadline!