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  • Rugby World Cup 2019

    Pretty crazy semis and finals outcomes - England winning against the All Blacks only to lose to the springboks. Bananas.
  • Pet chat for all animals

    Cecily said:
    I've had a really bad day and reading this thread has really put things in perspective for me.  I wish I could give all of the animals here all of their preferred methods of affection.  (But I hope it's ear scritches, because I am really good at that.)
    This guy definitely loves the ear scritches. If you do the real big, slow circles he gets the whole, "Yeeeeah that's the spot" eye-narrowing look of content.
  • MLB 2019

    Michelle said:
    Chinaski said:
    Michelle said:
    Chinaski said:
    yeah same dipshit that blew the call last night. he was all over the plate today. A's need to get with the times and start stealing signs. apparently it's a known thing nowadays and a 'strategy'.
    Stealing signs?  Like, they observe what the mgrs in the dugout are signaling to the players & reacting accordingly?
    yeah. basically have someone get to second and sign to the batter what the catcher is signing. i mean, it's not against the rules and it's up to the catcher to not be so obvious (Lucroy did an great job with that). Reddick did that often with the A's and it always made me feel icky. now that he's on the Astros it's harder to watch. but again, teams need to adjust with the times.
    Interesting!  If it helps them win games then they need to get on this!
    Watching the Atlanta broadcast a few weeks ago and Francouer was talking about how they had verbal signs sometimes for how the catcher was setting up. Like if the third base coach said, "Let's go kid!" the catcher was settling outside. If he said something that had the player's name, it meant the catcher was settling inside. It's something I knew happened but it felt pretty brazen for Jeff to just say it out loud!
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    So I loved this episode but I did have this weird feeling about all the survivors. I wouldn’t say disappointed. But I just realized it’s like dropping your best friend off at the airport as they are off to go to college or move away or something. You’ve spent the whole night before hanging out not wanting it to end but knowing it has to. And just as you release your hug and dry the last tears your body can manage to produce... someone comes over the intercom and says “Flight blahblahblah has been delayed 4 hours.”

    Like, they’re still leaving... and you’ll still miss them a ton. But... suddenly it’s weird because you could hangout more but you’ve already kinda made your peace with parting and... just kind of wtf
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  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    JIm and A.Ron keep saying that Arya is a "faceless man"  or "No one." Perhaps she is only in the sense that she has some of their abilities, but not in every other sense that matters to the character or to her story arch. 

    In season 6 episode 8 titled No One, Arya marches up to confront Jaqen and show him the Waifs face. Jaqen praises her and says "finally a girl has become no one."

    The whole point is that she took back her identity, and rejected the faceless men and their weirdo death cult. I think that they've done enough now to show that she isn't some emotionless killing machine character who just uses other characters to get what she wants in that moment (I mean, no more than any other average human does).
    So this actually is what kinda has me on edge for her. Because maybe Jaqen gave her the 80’s movie smirk of approval. But homegirl owes a debt still doesn’t she? A name since she cheated god of one? It makes me think she’s dying, or maybe she and the Hound are broing down post battle and everyone is feeling good and Jaqen shows up and offs the Hound because he never really got taken off the list.
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