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  • Quarantine Eats

    Chinaski said:
    I've been watching a lot of "Sam the Cooking Guy" on youtube.  He has had 3 or 4 videos the past two weeks making "Lockdown Munchies" using mostly stuff from the pantry.  Interesting and entertaining.  

    I did the @A_Ron_Hubbard thing and bought a giant bag of rice, and a more reasonable bag of dry beans.  I need some recipes for those...
    I love that guy so much. Most of his stuff I can't prepare since I don't have space or equipment. But he is a joy to watch. I definitely preordered his knife that is being released, but everything is on hold for the time being, since I believe production was being done in China
    he makes some mean burritos. he's got a dope outdoor kitchen set up too.
    Yeah, that outside setup is amazing. My friend saw him speak in person then went to Not Not Tacos afterwards. 
    He’s also a genuinely nice guy. He came to my daughter’s elementary school’s garden class and cooked up veggie tacos with the kids.  Outdoors!  ( Gosh this seems like eons ago, definitely a few years back, she’s in high school now
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Thank you to the BaldMover who suggested watching Gov. Guomo's press briefing.  Gov Cuomo is quite calming even though he is talking about something so scary.  Reminds me that this crisis is human, therefore it is mentionable and hence can be manageable.  
  • TACOS!!

    As promised... from Taco Fiesta in Mission Valley, SD:

    I can’t believe I’ve never had Taco Fiesta!  There is one only 2 miles from our house. Got to try it ASAP!  We’re hardcore El Zarape fans. I personally love their potato rolled tacos.  I hope they are able to stay open. 
  • TACOS!!

    Elisa said:
    OK I live in So Cal and lately I have been going to two places that are a little cuisine-y but have delicious tacos.  Cacao Mexicatessan and Tacocita.  They both have homemade or mde from scratch corn tortillas (you know the thick ones)  Some of my faves:  Chorizo Cauliflower taco (vegan so probably made with soyrizo), Duck Carnitas, Chicken Adobo (Marinated & smoked chicken, black bean puree, pickled red onion, queso mix, cilantro, blackened salsa), Chipotle Ground Turkey (Chipotle turkey, black bean puree, cabbage scallion slaw, queso mix, avocado, crunchy blue corn shell).  Nom nom nom.   o:) 

    Those two places look fantastic! I marked in my Google maps in case I make that far north. LOL.
  • TACOS!!

    JSDCA said:
    I was inspired by last night's taco talk and scrounged through our Covid 19 refrigerator - located some soyrizo (vegan chorizo; but with so many spices it tastes the same!) and I made chorizo and eggs.  No green onions to be found, but I had cilantro, baby tomatoes,  some cabbage and even a ripe avocado!  I will admit it was a structural disaster to eat, but it was delicious (kids ate it too) and nice to be annoyed by the mess rather than current events.

    Never uploaded a pic here before, so not sure if this will work or not....

    Guess that didn't work!  Trying again. :) Bear with the newbie please....