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  • What were your favourite books in 2020?

    Gnomon, by Nick Harkaway. I listened to the audiobook so that can impact the experience for sure, but I found that the confusion level was kept at my perfect tolerance throughout. Not sure I could tell you the fine points of the plot machinations but I think its characters (and voice acting) caught me. It's a bit post modern in its conceit if I'm gathering the parts together correctly, but I enjoyed it.
  • General Tomfoolery

    Hatorian said:
    Dee said:
    @Hatorian That’s not Australian! American TV characters always say “Let me ask you something.” 
    Might be. But it’s just annoying nonetheless. Asking a question to ask a question just doesn’t compute with me. If you get my attention then ask away...;)
    I can get on board with this for sure. But to play devil's advocate (since I know I'm guilty of this sin) the person maybe is trying to ask or should instead ask, "do you have a minute for me?" To be sure that you are ready and willing to give them some time.
  • I've Got Something To Say

    Don't dislike ice cream, but I could probably count on one hand the number of times I was the one who sought it out - if I could even recall when those times were.
    Not sure if the pb part of the story is getting everyone twisted up, but peanut butter is excellent. Pb twix, those little orange pb & 'cheese' crackers, and don't get me going that mustard is the superior condiment. Probably edging into another thread here.
  • Raised By Wolves - Episode 4 & 5 (spoilers)

    do we know if this is slated for more season runs? I found myself watching this through the halfway point of the series and feeling like we're still worldbuilding. The story is big in some respects, but really a very, very, small tale.
    Great moments of humor built in. there are parts of this show that remind me of some kind of parent-swap, docu-series stuff, like on TLC or something where the kids spend a week with another set of parents. and they lean hard into the dad-joke stuff by father too.
  • Raised By Wolves - Episode 3 only (spoilers)

    Thanks everyone. Don't mean to be so persistently dense. But I'm loving the setup and themes and want to watch fully informed.