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  • Charlie Kaufman’s New Film

    @Dee it was off to a good start, but for whatever reason I was feeling antsy about it. I ended up listening to some podcasts and reading some articles that summed it up for me. Not sure if I'm happy or sad about it after the fact...
    On the plus side, somehow as a result I listened to an audiobook of "The Keep" (the more recent one) and enjoyed it so I can recommend that!
  • Welcome Wagon Thread! New to Bald Move? Have questions? Introduce yourself here, and/or ask away!

    I'm new in the sense that I've probably only posted a few comments and I don't know anyone. I live in the metro area that the podcast hails from. I don't know one thing about a forum community but usually don't mind reading through all the in-jokes - but if I see the comment thread count too high before I first hop in I generally avoid.
  • “Perry Mason” on HBO starring Matthew Rhys premiering June 21st

    I've been digging it in a not-so-guilty pleasure kind of way. Nothing too new on the screen but nicely done and with enough mystery to keep me watching.
  • 104 - If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own (Spoilers)

    In the scene where agent Blake has Petey reveal her trauma (after saying that those who wear masks do so out of trauma) the camera shoots her from outside the car. It is noticeable right after Petey utters the phrase "her dad tried to rape her mom" when they cut back and Blake says she's glad they got to know each other she's behind the glass of the car window. They show Angela and Petey again within the car but then a shot of Blake behind glass again.
    Cinematic reinforcement that even Blake hides behind the mask of the FBI despite her criticisms of the vigilantes and her own past? 
    It's trite, but I guess I'm just suspecting that among other character traits their trying to foreshadow Blake as a potential ally?
  • Top Chef

    Chinaski said:
    i'm in! i've watched every season (can't believe there's been 15 seasons and counting!). my favorite season was Vegas with the Voltaggio brothers.

    Kentucky for S16! can't wait to hear Padma's soft soothing voice say 'today you will be cooking with what else? bourbon. as you know Kentucky is known for it's bourbon yada yada yada..'

    Haven't caught up with it yet but as a Kentuckian I'm certain they will do a great deal of this kind of thing. BUT my hope is they can move past it and really dig into some of the more exciting aspects of the cuisine, historic and contemporary. Don't ask me what those are specifically, I just know we are more than bourbon and horses! If I were to venture into it I guess it would be the cultural influences around the state: Native American and Appalachian cultures, and being centrally located, Kentucky has influences from the coast, and from immigrant populations (French, German etc) moving into and through the area. Contemporary international influences from businesses (Japan for example) and from horse racing. Very excited.