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    Dee said:
    Why is Missouri pronounced Missoura? Or are those two different places?
    The wikipedia section on etymology of Missouri is pretty interesting:
  • Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Show Premiere Episode 1 only (spoilers) HBOMAX

    cdrive said:
    MoonMan13 said:
    So, Mother obviously is equipped differently than Father was? What do we think about this banshee high frequency decimating ability?
    Good topic to discuss!  Hey did you say you were an architect?  I thought I saw somewhere.  I just thought that was cool cause I grew up with an architect Dad and cad-drafted my way through college.  If I just completely hallucinated that you said that once then nevermind! haha.

    So I think it was interesting that when Mother came out of the shelter to unleash the ass whooping, the Veteran Warrior dude, his name is Marcus, tried to quickly tell the others in his party "Don't look at her!" But it was too late and she fried their faces into gross meatloaf. Man that was sick.  The Cleric told Mother and Campion at dinner that he was a Cleric but the others were warriors from The War.  So this war and Mother's flashback are not from too long ago it seems. Not like a 100 year jump it seems, unless the cyrogenic space travel thing.  And Marcus, who I always want to call Ragnar cause of Vikings, has like a seared scar on one half of his face like he didn't quite look away in time from one of these android banshee attacks in The War.  Like he was trying to quickly warn the others from previous battle experiences.

    So I think if they look away they don't get hurt.  This I think is backed up when she's on the Ark.  Maybe the atmosphere on the planet makes it less severe (albeit way more gross) than being in an anti-gravity spaceship in space, because she was turning room fulls of people into bloody psychedelic desktop screensavers.  But the one guy who wasn't looking at her in the control room and was instead ducking and hiding under the table wasn't decimated.  So we got a little bit of a Medusa thing going on there maybe is my take. We'll see how that plays out... 
    You are not hallucinating, I am an architect.
    This show is right up my alley in terms of aesthetic, mystery, themes, sci-fi, just everything. I hope it holds up.
    On a related note, I was there for prometheus and the following alien film with one exception: the the unbelievably irrational decision making. So let's hope we've sanded down that rough edge in this series 
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    A couple months ago, the whole family on stay at home orders, I walk out to the rest of the family in the back yard to my wife saying something like, "stay back let me get a stick." I ask what's up and she says that my young boys told her there was a snake and that it's under the modular outdoor sofa. I flip the thing up and am shocked by a 5' long dark snake just sitting on the stone patio. My boys are like, " see dad told you." I got a shovel and promised the boys I wouldn't hurt it but wanted it to scurry off. Which it did as I approached. Thinking that it was a good time to go over some general safety about snakes I started in that they did the right thing in telling us and that they shouldn't try to grab them or anything. To which my older son (4 yrs old) replies that they didn't tell us right away because he wasn't sure it was real. So he touched it on the head to see if it was real, "and it was real dad!"
  • Lovecraft Country (Spoilers SHOW ONLY - no book spoilers)

    asmallcat said:
    asmallcat said:
    George was dancing with his wife.

    I think the black stuff came from the ring that Christina Braithwhite gave Tic because it's clear she didn't agree with what her dad was doing, so I thought she put her own spell on it to protect Tic and kill her dad. I was kind of surprised we didn't see her at the end of the episode though. 
    I'm certain that wasn't his wife.
    George's wife "Hippolyta" is played by Aunjanue Ellis.
    George calls the lady he dances with "Dora." The role is credited to Erica Tazel. (Rachel Brooks from Justified!)

    I guess the implication is that both George and Montrose were in love with Tic's mom (as strengthened by the "he might not be your son" line). 
    Those fantasy/dream sequences were their nightmares.  To the viewer, his 'nightmare' didn't look bad at all (compared to a snake-rape and violent fight with a Korean soldier), but when you realize that he had an affair with his brother's wife and there are doubts about who Tic's father is, and consider the life-long tense relationship that Tic had with his 'father' you begin to understand the weight of the guilt that he's been living with.
    Also hits on the commentary of 'consuming' others for entertainment. Much as the "Adam" character hopes to consume Tic with no regard to who he is, the group is also consuming their nightmares, their stories, their lives. Simply bc they have power over them, but also perhaps bc they themselves do not have the same authentic human struggles and experiences, or at least take joy in watching others struggle with those aspects of life, while they do not due to privilege. Add in the very real racial injustice and you have another strong 'allegory (?)' for the racial inequities in America. On a meta level - watching the struggles of others for entertainment without empathy - especially at the expense of black characters - is a comment on the entertainment industry and even part of what were all watching and discussing! Feel like I just "time is a flat circle"-d there.
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    Dee said:
    MoonMan13 said:

    Syrup on, anything really: I'll pass.

    This is more baffling to me than anything else in that post. Do you just raw dog pancakes and waffles?
    Lemon juice and sugar! (Pancakes, I don’t truck with waffles.)
    I don't really care for pancakes in general, tbh.
    Peanut butter on waffles.