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  • What are your most rewatchable shows?

    Star Trek: TNG

    Mad Men

    Arrested Development

    Death Note (anime)

    Rome (HBO)
    You know I started Rome when I was trying to watch all the HBO classics (The Wire, 6 Feet Under, The Sopranos) and I never got into it. I only watched like two episodes though. Should I try it again? I heard the same thing about Deadwood, that it's one of the more unappreciated shows. 
  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    I have a distant cousin (we grew up together so we're more like 1st cousins) who is getting married back home in Hawaii today. Her and her fiancé have been together since high school--more than 12 years!--and we're all very excited they're tying the knot. Thing is, they have a 5 year old and just bought their first house. So the wedding is going to be extremely small, 40 guests, only immediate family. 

    I was pretty bummed out when I found out that I and a few others in our friend group couldn't come to the wedding. But, I got over myself, and yesterday she offered to have one of our younger cousins FaceTime me during the ceremony. So I get to "be there" in spirit and I'll be home in a couple of weeks to see her in person and squeal over pictures. Not a strictly positive story but I feel better now that I'm not holding on to that resentment and I'm so happy for this woman that truly deserves it! :)
  • What are your most rewatchable shows?

    I'm rewatching Game of Thrones again, in part because of the rewatch cast and in part because I rewatch the whole show every year (either before or after the new season airs). Possibly because of how much quality TV is out there that I feel like I need to catch up on, but lately I feel overwhelmed with my choices and end up rewatching my old favorites, like Friends and GoT rather than starting anything new.

    What are your most rewatchable shows? For me: I've seen every episode of Friends at least a dozen times (started watching reruns in middle school and became obsessed), Game of Thrones because of course, and I manage to spot something new every time I watch, and Law and Order SVU (I have no good reason for this one). 
  • U.S. Politics the Third

    I read this short Business Insider piece a while ago about how the NRA used to be a grassroots social club for members but is now mostly sponsored by the gun industry.
    Which means what? You believe the NRA is full of people who want to ban all guns but are being worked like puppets by corporate America?

    It's a silly article, the reason manufacturers donate to the NRA is because NRA members buy their products and the orginazion supports the right to purchase their products. Again, read about Smith and Wessons bankruptcy, the NRA is supported because they can break companies.

    The reason the NRA does political lobbying in the first place is because of a members revolt in the 70s after the club had supported too many gun control laws.
    Lol what? Where did I say that? Hyperbole much? I'm not going to respond to you anymore if you're going to be ridiculous.

    Anyway, what I gleaned from the article was that if most of the money the NRA receives is no longer from membership fees (or at best, from membership fees purchased by weapons manufacturers), who is the organization truly beholden to? Why is the NRA taking the beating when events like this happen rather than manufacturers, like the tobacco industry did (also in the article)? Is it true that most NRA members are 2nd amendment hardliners that believe any law is a slippery slope into disarmament and government tyranny, or are their interests not being fully represented anymore? I'm not sure - I'm not a member and only did some cursory research on the S&W bankruptcy, the 70s "Revolt at Cincinnati," and a brief history of the org. 

    But like I said, no need to respond if you're going to be so overzealous you're not even having a discussion. I'm sure someone else will be able to answer my question.
  • Equifax Hack

    @Alkaid13 I was thinking about that today. I keep some cash in my "emergency" kit as it's just as essential as water, food, and first aid stuff in disasters like those.