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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I guess I've put myself in Dany's shoes a bit on this.  From the time she could talk she's been told and told how her birthright was robbed and everyone betrayed their family.  She even talks about it being a bed time story for her about Jamie.  
    Then through some providence she has these 3 dragons and life changes dramatically, even seemingly preordained as she frees city after city in slaver bay until learning a hard lesson in Myreen.  Still, she's never told how difficult it will really be until perhaps Tyrion, but even so she has a mental note that the people want her there and she is their savior.

    Fast forward to landing, and she is a stranger in a strange land, no one really seems to want her there, her main ally is the North via Jon and he has a much larger mission to bring her into which causes a loss of one dragon and the first taste of pure grief that she's had since she lost her child and Khal.  She falls in love which makes her even more of a stranger in the North where she is only feared and quickly loses any close friends she has along with her military strength in this battle with the dead.  Add to it her only actual claim and "right to rule" is now not legitimate with Jon being told who he really is. 

    Now she's down another "child" and her closes female friend and seemingly has no one to trust at all with only one goal now that she can't turn from no matter how hard it is.

    I can see her just saying fuck it, I want the throne, if I die then at least I die reaching for what I've always wanted and if I win then I can deal with it all after the fact. 

    still...she should have swung around the back of those damn ships...
  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    I wanted to see this before but after listening to the review I'm all in.  And honestly you guys will have my money forever because this episode hit on everything that is what we need to discuss and talk about and take action on because we are totally at a tipping point and we need to continue to speak up and keep this from falling back into the shadows that happens so often