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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Today I was watching a YouTube interview with Dacre Montgomery, the actor who plays Billy in Stranger Things 2 and 3. He plugged his podcast and it's MAKING MY DAY! 

    It's called DKMH and it's Dacre reading original poems over music tracks created by his friends. It's truly an experience that just might make your day, as well. 

    Here's an excerpt I found on YouTube for you guys:

  • petition to rewrite Season 8 has gotten 300,000 signatures in 20 hours!

    Every time a series ends, the gods flip a coin  ;)
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  • Ozark on Netflix

    Mind blown. Season two was amazing and definitely reminiscent of Breaking Bad. It’s been a long time since the stakes have been so high and felt so real in a show. Outstanding. 
  • 808 - How It’s Gotta Be (Midseason Finale)

    Since there's going to be a lot of (well-deserved) negativity surrounding this episode, I think it would be fun for Jim and A. Ron to discuss how ridiculous fatally wounding a main character off-screen is, while  pretending to be Jadis and Eugene. Someone mentioned on another TWD podcast that if Jadis and Eugene ever tried to have a conversation, it would be quite hilarious ... and I agree, but they didn't go for it. Will you guys give it a whirl around the ole digitized audio show recording space (my attempt at a Eugene-ism)? 

    PS - at least everyone can cancel their SLING TV subscriptions now? I only had it for TWD. 
  • 802 - The Damned

    Jesus Morgalizing Christ. I think the writer's room looks like this: they have three old coffee cans set up on a folding table. Inside one are a bunch of little pieces of paper with the characters' names written on them. In another are a bunch of little pieces of paper with character development tropes written on them -- and somebody messed up and wrote "doesn't want to kill anymore" on about eight of those pieces of paper (there are probably nine total). And in the third can are a bunch of little pieces of paper with different locations or situations written on them.

    Pick a character: Carol
    Pick a development trope: doesn't want to kill anymore
    Pick a situation/location: peace time in Alexandria

    Let's do it again!

    Pick a character: Morgan
    Pick a development trope: doesn't want to kill anymore
    Pick a situation/location: on his own, goat farm

    One more time for the kids in the back!

    Pick a character: Jesus
    Pick a development trope: doesn't want to kill anymore (at this point someone should be checking the can, Gimple has obviously stuffed the ballot box with "doesn't want to kill anymore")
    Pick a situation/location: smack dab in the middle of ALL OUT WAR

    And we all know there are at least a few more examples. 

    On a separate note, I can't wait to see what becomes of Chekhov's baby. She'll probably show back up on an opposing camp's side in Season 16. I mean if you following the Morales resurfacing timeline that makes sense--about as much sense as Morales showing back up now, anyway. I had no idea who he was until the twitterverse told me. How did THEY know? I know Rick said his name but has half the fanbase been carrying around a torch for long lost Morales all this time?