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  • And So Our Watch Begins (GoT 67 day Countdown)


     I have a busy weekend so I thought I would knock a couple of these out and catch back up on Tuesday with season three, Kate you can manage it for the weekend lol...

    Jorah mentions that Xaro now owns the city...does Ducksauce use everything in his vault to pay off all of the Lords and important people he needs to in order to take the reigns as king of Qarth? or is he just flat out going broke from bad business dealings and failed clandestine coups?
  • 307 - The Final Country


    That sounds like a lot of reverse red herrings and I feel like the vibes would be very Westworld Season 2 in that they are going to sacrifice the story at the expense of keeping the reveal a secret til the end...really hope it’s done well because we will all feel gaslit if not
  • And So Our Watch Begins (GoT 67 day Countdown)


    Cercei is so dumb! Her being proud of herself at withholding information for Tyrion about her sons idiotic siege preparations along with how much she supposedly loves her children even though she’s about to lose her daughter forever but yet she’s sitting alone with her goblet, her true love,  makes me wonder how the writers ever managed to pull off getting her to where she is today.

     Honestly if she lives another five minutes in season eight my eyes may roll so far in the back of my head that I can’t finish the series,  I don’t understand how someone so stupid can smug her way to the iron throne 
  • 307 - The Final Country

    "I just want you to know I'm thinking it!"

    That scene was terrible. It was like a mix of season 2 Pizzolatto with the worst of Quentin Tarantino
    Really? I thought it was both hilarious and nuanced at the same time....nuanced in terms of both men having very legitimate grievances at the way they treated and/or manipulated each other...despite being pretty close friends...maybe I’m weird but I actually thought it was amazing writing 
  • And So Our Watch Begins (GoT 67 day Countdown)

    Kate23 said:
    With every rewatch I try to scrutinize LF's actions and still don't fully have his number. Truly great character. 
     What is it that Varys said about him? A grasper from a minor house with a talent for befriending kings or something like that?  As much as I hate, and I mean I hate being deceived, I truly believe that little finger played the game the only way you could play it coming from no power,  to win or to die...