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  • Finale of thrones

    asmallcat said:
    Frakkin T said:
    dolphin said:
    I hope they don’t go SJW and go easy on Dany’s death like they did Cersei. We need to see her die by Jon’s hand. 
    What's SJW?
    SJW is a very useful tool, because whenever you see someone use it seriously online you know you can completely ignore anything they say because it's gonna be dumb. 
    Wow that’s harsh yo....I don’t think we should be the type of platform that makes these kind of generalizations...I personally feel that “St Johns Wort” actually is “a very useful tool” that’s can help fight certain mental issues and just because someone is using it in no way should nullify what they are saying 
    Frakkin Ttelephoneofmadness
  • 805 - The Bells

    chrisk said:
    Just gonna say I totally see Jon taking the throne because he doesn’t trust anyone  who wants the job to do it right and justly. 

    It’s VERY Jon to do something he doesn’t want to do out of a sense of duty. 
    Agreed. Jim's point that Jon has constantly been refusing the throne is in regards to Dany. Clearly he sees she must be dealt with and if she's gone, I can see him feeling honor bound by his sense of duty to take the throne.

    BUT a small part of me wouldn't be surprised if at the end he asks these two if there is room for one more on that sled...ha 
    What’s A.Ron drinking? And when did he die his hair red?
  • 805 - The Bells

    Editing nothing lol: erased one of those “can’t we all just get along” comments and then fell asleep and hit enter to a blank text haha...oh me shouldn’t be up reading this late...
    ken hale
  • Congratulations Cecily and Baldmove!!!

    Congrats Cecily!! 

    Your handle should be Butt Honey....for what A.Ron calls you every time you won’t follow him down a rabbit hole, a la AHS and the retro-conspiracies...
  • I'm sad.

    Hatorian said:
    Count down begins. I’m just stoked that the episode starts at 9am my time so I can sleep through the waiting...
    I am psychically sending Scott Glenn a la Kevin Garvey Sr. into your bedroom every half hour...”Wake up! Wake up! Wake uuuuuuaaaauuuup mother fuckers!!!”