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  • 8.1-Winterfell

    Dee said:
    Don’t they only do feedback by email on these big shows? 
    No wonder my ?’s have been going unanswered all these years!!!!  Finally the Truth !!
  • Amer. Gods 204 - Greatest Story Ever Told

     It is becoming increasingly clear just how incestuous Hollywood is with the media or MEDIA...the bullshit we were told about this season being awful is looking more and more like a nesting doll analogy for the show itself and the young, immature version of Media that we have been given to replace season ones’ Media is an even better analogy for the media that told us this season would be a bust. 
  • If you could have Billy Zane sign a photo...what photo would it be?

    What about Back to the Future Billy Zane? I think his only line was  “How the hell did he change his clothes so fast?”  :D

    Is that Mr World (American Gods) that Bif is looking at in the top picture???
  • So how is GOT gonna end?

    Serious comment here sorry:  I think I have proof that Gendry is the legitimate son of Robert & Cercei...why would Lord Arryn ask Gendry what his mother looked like? It seems as though all the other bastards he looked after that he was simply asking about their needs...but with Gendry it seems more is going on, like he had just tracked him down.  I just can’t think of a reason why Lord Arryn would be needing information about Gendry’s mom if he already knew who his mom was?

    Definately think Cercei had his death faked but couldn’t bring herself to actually do the deed
  • And So Our Watch Begins (GoT 67 day Countdown)

    Kate23 said:
    @djcaudle01  Ok ok, dude, it's all good, it's just the mold talking. 

    She's only one leg of the nuclear triad. She doesn't yet have Bran to tell her what's what, or Arya to put her in her place.
    (i.e., that she's not better than everyone else, not in "a woman's place" sense

    When Mance tells Stannis "I wish you good fortune in the wars to come," is that the first time we heard it? My son and I thought it was some kind of hex. 
    Thanks for the Sansplanation  :D....I needed that...

    I believe Mance was the first to utter the “wars to come” both cases the person who issues the phrase dies almost immediately (within minutes), maybe even exactly the same amount of time? 2 or 3 minutes???  

    Also in both cases the person being wished well is beheaded sometime later, also both times it is one day after they do something un-honorable