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  • Counterpart on Starz

    I’m going to try and hunt down that survey...loved to see Samuel Roukin (he stole the show as John Graves Simcoe in AMC’s “Turn”) playing the OG role in the origin episode...definitely want to see more of that, I thought they could actually do a season or two leading up to “the accident”

    Edit: But I could watch JK Simmons ego vs id (see spy vs spy) ad infinitim
  • And So Our Watch Begins (GoT 67 day Countdown)

    Kate23 said:

    I always forget what a good prognosticator Asha was... she warned the red comet meant dragons, the weirwood was listening to Bran, the swords are all pointing the wrong way, etc etc. 
    I hated the way Asha died...I really thought that was sloppy writing... it doesn’t seem like her to underestimate Ramsey, also surely she knew that he was aware of her loyalty to the Stark boys...too much time and water under the bridge, and like you said  she had a form of poor man’s clairvoyantcy that rivaled Melisandre or was even greater?!? 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I love the way Ben Shapiro puts it as a juxtaposition with Oprah...

    “Oprah will have trouble running for president because the moment she announces her campaign her beautiful white dress will show every little piece of mud that gets thrown at her whether it be legitimate or illegitimate...

     Trump on the other hand is a mud monster, the more mud that gets thrown his way the bigger and more powerful he become’s...”

    (End Shapiro)

     Therefore the best way to handle Trump is to ignore him...if you really want to see him fail, ignore him, because that is his source of strength,  his supporters for the most part are not racist and bigoted and terrible people, hell his supporters for the most part are not even his supporters, I live around lots of them and they are for the most part good people, they are not voting “for Trump”, they are voting “against the Left in general.”

    Trump is constantly trolling us and getting us to lash out at things independents and people in the middle typically don’t give two shits about, he knows he’s never going to appease the Left and he does not care, if he can troll us into losing our minds over issues that only we care about then he wins, everytime, he is a MasterTroll and the worst thing you can do with a troll is to react to what they do...If we keep screaming social justice for two more years then we may not have any social justice for six more years...

    Its time to ignore the mud monster and figure out ways to go on the offensive and bait him the way he baits us...just look at Macron, in my opinion he just won re-election.  
  • Bald Move fan meetup! (North Atlanta)

    By the way cdrive (and all other BM’ers) if you’re ever in Winston-Salem check out Foothills Brewery, they have two amazing IPA’s...

    “Hoppyum” and “Jade”

    Also good are the “People’s Porter” and one named after my hometown “Pilot Mountain Pale Ale”
  • Bald Move fan meetup! (North Atlanta)

    Lol at the shit A Ron finds “Insightful”