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  • Finale of thrones

    asmallcat said:
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    dolphin said:
    I hope they don’t go SJW and go easy on Dany’s death like they did Cersei. We need to see her die by Jon’s hand. 
    What's SJW?
    SJW is a very useful tool, because whenever you see someone use it seriously online you know you can completely ignore anything they say because it's gonna be dumb. 
    Wow that’s harsh yo....I don’t think we should be the type of platform that makes these kind of generalizations...I personally feel that “St Johns Wort” actually is “a very useful tool” that’s can help fight certain mental issues and just because someone is using it in no way should nullify what they are saying 
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  • 805 - The Bells

    ken hale said:
    No, it's definitely about Cersei and everything about the prophecy, at least as presented on the show, came true.  People are upset about not getting a Valonqar payoff even though that specific part was only ever mentioned in the books, so they probably shouldn't have been expecting it.
     Any potential foreshadowing around Maggie the frog at least in the show has to be taken with a huge grain of salt because she said Cercei would have three children so she was wrong from the very start, anything else she said is suspect from that point on
  • 805 - The Bells

    Hatorian said:
    I know this has been said by some others in this massive thread. But listening to the cast and the guys shitting on Jaime. 

    Maybe you guys were lucky. Maybe you never interacted with someone who had a toxic relationship that ended up ghosting you for them. 

    But to say it’s bullshit that Jaime wouldn’t go back to Cersei and it ruins is character arc and it ruins the story they were telling is just not true. 

    Jaime is no different than millions of people who try to become better people but ultimately fall back into their love for someone who is abusive and toxic to them. It’s completely common to see people ruin and abandon great relationships just to go back to the person they love for no sane or legitimate reason. People do stupid things for love. And people ruin their lives for love. There is nothing about what Jaime did that is unreasonable or unbelievable . 

    Im Glad you guys haven’t experienced someone doing this to you. But to act like it doesn’t happen to people and it ruins the story is a bit too much. It most certainly happens and it sucks to see good people who have tried their best to help someone overcome a toxic relationship just to see them go back to it. 

    It’s actually a bit poetic that Jaime gave into this and it cost him is life. 
    Some character arcs are circles...if not most

    ”At the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” -TS Elliot
  • For All the *Grumpy Haters*

    ken hale said:
    All of this is to say that the disappointment that we all feel, the anger at Dany's actions, the disbelief when the northmen began to cut down the surrendered Lannister soldiers, the 100th time that Tyrion's been wrong about something because he's absolutely blinded by the belief that he can salvage the scraps of his family from certain death:  these are all exactly what we should be feeling, and what Game of Thrones is all about.  Gut punches that are so shocking, you can't help but come back for more.  

    I'm not gonna defend the half-assed way that all these events unfolded in the medium of film, but the bullet points:  I think they're rock solid.

    -A fan of episode 5

    One of my issues is that all of these characters ARE acting in's just the SAME character they were at the beginning of the series.  Jon is a dumb bastard who isn't a leader of any kind, apparently; Tyrion is smart if he wasn't blinded by loyalty to family; Jamie is in love with Cersei, despite everything he's learned about himself and all the stupid time we spent watching his character arc go full circle; Danyeris is the mad queen she was destined to be, apparently having learned nothing about ruling despite spending four gd seasons learning to rule in Essos; Arya is a scared girl running away from Cersei; I can go on.  Help us, Sansa, you're our only hope. 

    I didn't have any theories I needed to see fulfilled.  I just feel like I've been gut-punched for following these characters so long if they're not going to grow or develop or change as characters.  Like you said, the fact that the story's been half-assedly presented on-screen is another issue, as well.
    I might be misremembering but I’m pretty sure GRRM has said that his main thesis is “can you really change who you are”, and I think his ultimate take on that is probably “nope, sorry bruh”...that’s really disappointing to someone like myself that comes from a family struggling with substance abuse....

    HOWEVER, I think the worst thing D&D&GRRM could do would be to have waivered on this point, so for them to have gone fully in one direction while literally burning down all apologies was to me a breath of fresh air even though I didn’t want the ending we got, we got the ending we needed...IMO of course lol
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  • American Gods Season 2

    @Cecily ;

    You were right about Columbia going west!!  She was going to team up with Donar to do the whole “Manifest Destiny” thing which ultimately flared out with the Morman’s and was all sort of rounded up into Utah and Northern Arizona...perhaps Catholicism would not be so prevalent in the Southwest had they followed through with their plan...

    BTW there is an amazing book by Stewart Udall about how the west was actually settled by years of Mormans and Native Americans working hard through toil and compromise to make a life together...and how the whole “lone cowboy” idealism is complete bullshit and did nothing to help settle the west...the book is called “The Forgotten Founders”