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  • The Bald Move Community Citizenship Test

    Travis said:
    aki said:
    One thing both Aron and Jim agree on:
    a)  Harry Potter is great
    b)  Lost is great
    c)  Sapiens is great
    d) Charlie's grandpa is the worst
    Interesting. Which one is it? I would guess C or D, but I'm not sure. I certainly know B is out because what is Lost? I've never heard of it. It could be A, but I wouldn't think Jim would be a big HP guy. 
    D all the way! that crumby old man almost got poor Charlie killed!
  • MLB 2018

    was in and out so couldn't post,. but did see Noeldamas with his MLB crystal ball :p

    Noel said:
    Rangers will sweep the A’s. Lock it down!
  • Favorite Competition Shows?

    Chinaski said:
    Top Chef hands down for me. i've watched all 15 seasons. apparently season 16 is gonna be in Kentucky.
    How many different ways can you cook road kill?
    Shows what you know, Canadian! The South in general is hot in terms of food, especially where they are doing kind of new southern cooking.
    So, like possum and raccoon?
    Tastes like chicken!
    The big question you put pineapple on it?

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  • Low Stakes Debate(s)

    my 2 cents... with types of sandwiches like subs, hoagies, philly cheese steaks, french dips etc. you can put 'sandwich' after it and it doesn't sound odd. 'hey everyone, throwing a killer super bowl party and picking up 1000 sub sandwiches!'. but with hot dogs and hamburgers it sounds weird putting sandwich after em. 'have you ever had the hot dog sandwiches at Five Guys? me either. i've only had their hamburger sandwiches there. they're fine. a bit greasy for my taste.' however, if we're going by the actual definition:

    a : two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between
    b : one slice of bread covered with food

    so i guess hot dogs and burgers can be sandwiches.

    McDonald's describes their Big Mac with all the ingredients 'sandwiched' between a sesame seed bun. so are they implying that it's a sandwich? in the end, i put too much thought into this, and am going to get an In n Out Burger Sandwich for lunch.
  • Would you Rather?

    TaraC73 said:
    @akritenbrink - I’d love to have you... we’ll be toasty warm around the fireplace <span>:wink:</span>
    any chance you'll have lobster rolls? if so, i'm in too!!