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  • MLB 2018

    russkelly said:
    Mets are currently undefeated.
    so are the A's!
  • Best Sports Book in Vegas?

    i usually go every november (doing it again this year) with 3 of my closest buddies. i always do $50 on a 4 team parlay card (11-1 odds). i place my bets at the Aria sports book, watch the morning games the pub in the Aria over bloody mary's, go grab pizza at Five50 for lunch, then find a random spot to drink more and watch the afternoon games. i always end up hitting 3 outta 4 on my parlay and being turbo grumpy for the rest of the night.

    vegas is like the one place that i can't wait to get to and can't wait to get the fuck out of.

    edit: Five50 is cool too cause it's a pizza bar so you don't hafta worry about missing games. plus their pizza and food is pretty damn good.
  • What music are you streaming?

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Chinaski said:
    I'm annoyed by the outcome. The finale should have been Adrienne and Carrie. Last Chance Kitchen ... I just see it as a chance for Tom to bring back people, kind of an elaborate "Tim Gunn save." I'm over this show anyway. Blah
    i hate the whole last chance kitchen idea. you can get eliminated and just keep winning these simple competitions behind the scenes theb come back. while the chefs still in it are busting their asses in some elaborate challenge at a festival in front of a bunch of people! 
    Yeah, and Tom is the only judge. So basically whoever he likes is getting back on.
    oh yeah, good point! i remember the Seattle season when Kristen won (rightfully so cause she was and is  a badass) but i found it a little unfair that she basically won 1 on 1 last chance kitchens all the way into the finale. while others were doing all kind of hard challenges.
  • TACOS!!

    I’ve noticed in California that Burger King sells Tacos as well, I’ve never seen a Burger King Taco outside of California but Cali is the only Southwest State I visit regularly, maybe they have them in TX too
    guilty! they're basically the McDowell's version of Jack in the Box tacos.