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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    JaimieT said:
    Laid off, effective immediately.

    This is hard for this millennial. I got into the job market in 2007, endured shittiness for several years. It only felt like I got a real, normal job in 2017, after going back to school to be more marketable. 

    It feels like the '10s were a fluke and this is back to the natural state of society, which is hell bent on bankrupting me. 
    Sorry to hear J-L, I think I kept telling myself this would all be temporary and blow over. Its seemingly becoming more and more real.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Michelle said:
    @Gan a 17 year old died in Los Angeles from this as well.  There's just no telling.

    Humboldt has 5 more positive patients today, bringing us up to 10.  It was 5 yesterday.  We've doubled in a single day up here. :grimace:
    We had 17 more, up to 68 in my little province, which I think was the last one to be hit.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Noel said:
    Michelle said:

    I got take out from this local spot earlier (around 8:15ish) and it was a ghost town for the most part. It just looked like 2am at 8pm. The drive thru places had customers, but parking lots were very empty. I had a feeling of peace that my part of town, and most of Dallas is really pushing their restrictions. But I can’t help but feel scared and worried. A case was confirmed near my best friend’s house, about two miles away, and him and his wife have two small boys.
    Very similar here, restaurants with open drive-thrus and empty parking lots.
    Grocery stores with reduced hours (the first hour for seniors and high-risk individuals).

    We're still running full tilt, a possible case at work Monday night.  An individual felt ill, had tested negative, and positive for Influenza B, was sent back to the hospital to be retested, his crew sent home, and we were only notified the following afternoon.

    Apparently it's just as essential to make tires for the (your?) military as it is for 18-wheelers.  You guys planning on starting any wars, by chance?
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    That sucks @Flukes.  I'd extend my offer to come live with @JaimieT and I (and the others I offered it too), but I'm too high risk and just want to be home alone with internet, a big pile of guns and an army of Ligers surrounding my house.  Perhaps a moat and a Drogon as well.

    From what I've heard at work, we'll get 85% of our wages (through insurance) if we get shut down.

    I'm getting less and less keen about going to work through.  I'm high risk as a diabetic, and these night shifts are hard on the system.  And I have terrible psoriasis on my hands from work that causes my hands to crack open, making me susceptible to infection.
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    Michelle said:
    So on top of dealing with a plague, apparently the universe is convinced that Humboldt County doesn’t deserve to exist on the map anymore. We just had a 5.2 earthquake a few hours ago, and had one over a week ago close to a 6. :grimace:  @Shum, thinking of you today in Utah & hoping you weren’t affected by the quake there.
    Hmm, there was an earthquake an hour and a half from me on March 1st.  Just a minor one (2.6).  But it's super, super, super rare to have an earthquake here.