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  • Big Little Lies

    I'm not really sure how to feel after last night's episode. The biggest reason I preferred Big Little Lies over things like Sharp Objects was that even though some awful stuff was happening, it was never soul-crushing to watch an episode. All the characters had flaws, but most of them weren't completely broken. Now in season two, every family is in a really depressing place, and I'm not sure if I'm up for that.
  • Big Little Lies

    As for the town, I didn't think race really had anything to do with it.  I don't remember there being a "race" sort of plotline in season 1 (maybe I'm wrong).  I can see how it would be a big ordeal in Monterey but once facts started to come out about Perry being a rapist and physically abusive husband, I think it does more damage to Nicole Kidman and her family (mainly her sons) than it really does to Bonnie (assuming she is acquitted of any charge).
    Race always has something to do with it, especially when a highly prominent affluent white man is killed by a Black woman.

    I'm also not sure Bonnie could even claim self-defence since she was never in danger. Is friend defence a thing?
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  • Big Little Lies

    Can someone remind me why the main characters didn't just tell the truth in the first place?  From what I remember at the end of season 1, Perry was pretty much beating the crap out of all of them (but mainly Nicole Kidman's character and possibly even strangling her) and then Bonnie basically comes to the rescue by shoving him which causes him to lose his balance and fall which leads to his death.  So, if they told the truth, wouldn't this just be considered like a self-defense type thing?  Or does Bonnie get arrested and tried for manslaughter and that's why they're covering it up?

    There are a whole bunch of reasons not to tell the truth, the most obvious being that Bonnie is Black. There were no other witnesses, so they knew they'd get away with it. They didn't want the town to know Bonnie was a murderer. Even if she did survive a trial, which would have been brutal, and gotten off, her life in Monterey would have been over.

    It also wasn't a shove that caused him to lose his balance. She came running at a full sprint and purposely pushed him down the stairs.

    I'm glad they're doing a second season because the ending to season one was too perfect. There's no way that group would be able to have gone through what they went through without major life-altering consequences. The murder mystery was always the least interesting part of the first season anyway. Episode 1 of season 2 gave me everything I loved about the show from season 1.
  • "Russia hates HBO's Chernobyl, decides to make its own series" - AV Club article

    FWIW, I would probably watch a Russian produced historical drama on an American event just to see how far their "little brother syndrome" takes them into the rabbit hole of hilariousness. I would actually love for a film to be made set in a universe where the Russians beat the US in the space race, and our histories were flipped where we're the recovering failed capitalists with a case of LBS towards Russia, and they are the thriving communist state with their version of a soviet Silicon Valley.
    Um, not sure if you're joking, but Apple just revealed their first major show that is based around the fallout of the USSR beating the United States to the moon.
  • The Good Place (NBC)

    MrX said:
    Season 4 will be the last season  :( . Sad that we only get 13 more episodes but it sounds like it's the right call.

    That's great news and I don't think it's sad at all. Loved season 3, but was hoping they weren't going to try and push it for five or six seasons.

    Same thing I feel about Barry. It's the right time to have a fantastic final season to wrap everything up before they start spinning their wheels.