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  • NBA 2018-2019 Thread

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    For fucks sake. What is with New Orleans's desire to trade top tier talent to the goddamn Lakers?
    They did incredibly well considering he demanded a trade and made it clear he'd only consider resigning with two teams. This trade and Zion could definitely turn them into a championship team.
    I agree, except for years later when Zion demands a trade and they ship him to the Lakers. 
    By then, they'll be set up to draft Lebron Jr.
  • Which show had the worst finale?

    Pretty hilarious quote from GRRM on the ending of Lost.

    I watched Lost in its entire run and I was fascinated, but you know, even as early as the second season and certainly the third season, I started saying, how the hell are they going to pull all of this together? If they pull all of this together, it's going to be the greatest show in the history of television, man. They better know how to pull all of this together! And then when I reached the end and they hadn't pulled it altogether, in fact, they left a big turd on my doorstep? I was pretty upset, you know.

    Lindelof's response about getting in an online feud with GRRM was perfect.

    I’ve just been informed George is working on his feud response. I’ll have it in FIVE YEARS!
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    CeciliaM said:
    The only true WTF moment for me is when Drogon melted down the Iron Throne. Why? how did he think of that? I don't get it.
    Dragons are magical creatures and from what I understand is that in most fiction dragons are thought of as being highly intelligent.  It's extremely difficult to show and by no means did Game of Thrones show or prove this BUT if you can just go with the thought that dragons are intelligent then this is the logical explanation.  Drogon could sense that Dany's motivations were the throne and nothing but the throne and to rule over Westeros.  This is what got her killed and the logical next step in the eyes of a dragon is to destroy that symbol that essentially killed it's mother.  I know it sounds like a stretch and it probably is but from what is generalized in fiction about dragons this actually does track, at least for me.

    Edit: spelling/punctuation errors.
    I don't care how smart dragons are supposed to be. He's still a dragon, and it made zero sense, besides plot armour, that he didn't roast Jon alive.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Also, Bronn is the Master of Coin, why exactly? He's cunning as hell for sure but I don't know if he's Master of Coin level smart. Making him Master of Secrets would probably make more sense than of the Coin. I feel like making him Lord of the Reach should have been plenty.
    Well, there weren't any other named characters to give the job to. They didn't even have enough named characters left to fill out the council.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    LordBy said:
    It was a decent tie-up from a flawed setup.

    Bran as King? Unearned entirely. WTF has Bran been doing since the holding of the door? Was he manipulating everything for his ascension? That’s dark. Was he manipulating everything for the good of the realm? He did a piss poor job then. And who is his successor? That’s always the biggest issue with a consensus ruler, how do you handle the succession? Not even mentioned in passing.
    They clearly covered that there will not be a successor like there has been in the past, the lords and ladies of their keeps will essentially elect a new ruler.  It was brought up specifically that he had no way to produce a successor and then Tyrion went into his talks about how this is breaking the wheel.
    They pretty much decided that they have until Bran dies until the next major war.
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