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  • Footage of the HMS Terror

    Hatorian said:
    Hunkulese said:
    So one of those weird coincidences that makes it feel like you're the centre of the universe happened to me today.

    I finally got around to watching the first season of the Terror and finished it up last night. The completely out of the blue, this story pops up on my newsfeed. They've just released footage of what the Terror looks like today. It's one of the most well-preserved shipwrecks of all time due to the cold, deep, dark water and the fact that it didn't sink from anything violent. One interesting find is that the Terror's propeller was in the deployed position.

    Crozier's cabin is the only area that was inaccessible and they believe it to be the most well-preserved section of the ship. His logs or notes might still be in his desk.

    It's at least nice to know that they didn't try and drag all the plates back to London.

    They're planning on staying out there another couple of weeks and are planning a similar dive to check out the Erebus.

    its not a coincidence. its the scary fact that this popped up in your newsfeed specifically because it knew you had watched the Terror. big brother man....they watching.....:)
    I know you're joking, but this expedition is happening right now and the footage was released today. That's some next level Big Brother.
  • Rick and Morty

    Funny thing, for whatever reason, Bird Person is the one name I have A.Ron syndrome with. It took me years to not call him Bird Man.
    ken haleFreddy
  • Rick and Morty

    Hatorian said:
    Pretty sure I’ve said this but just a reminder you have to watch the unrated version of the show. Any version that bleeps or covers the swearing is like calling Pizza Hut actual pizza. 
    Couldn't disagree more. Maybe if this was a serious drama, you'd have a point, but beeps are funny. At beep has far more impact than a fuck. A beep can be anything.
    ken hale
  • Woman's World Cup 2019

    So .... the final is tomorrow!
    Anyone has ideas on how Holland could possibly defeat the US?

    Asking for 11 friends :-)
    Scoring more goals than the other team usually works out pretty well.
  • Big Little Lies

    I am frustratingly waiting for someone to tell Meryl off. She raised the monster of a son. Maybe she is an unfit mother. Where was her concern to save the rapist, sadistic, piece of shit she raised? Are the writers afraid to take even a few moments of focus off women and put it on a man? 

    I will finish this season, but if there are more I won’t be tuning in. 
    Did you watch the newest episode? I'm not sure what else you want besides someone throwing an ice cream cone at her. It's also not really fair to put the blame on Mary Louise for Perry. There was definitely abuse from Perry's father in their relationship.

    It's also extremely complicated for Celeste and Jane because Perry was the father of their kids and they've seen problematic traits pop up with their kids. Do you think Jane and Celeste are unfit mothers? And remember Jane went through a very similar thing with Ziggy in season one. All the evidence was pointing to Ziggy abusing Ammabella, but she refused to believe any of it because she couldn't imagine her son doing something like that. Celeste actually has a son who's abused someone.

    There's also the fact that almost everything Mary Louise has done or said is rational, truthful, and her feelings make sense. It's just normally expected to keep those thoughts to yourself. She's not really wrong about anything besides refusing to believe that Perry raped Jane.