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  • American Horror Story Season 9 - '1984'

    Michelle said:
    I’ve been avoiding this thread like the plague since June, hoping to go into tonight completely unspoiled by any promos. Just under three hours left!

    I haven’t read through all the comments yet so I apologize if this was already mentioned, but the one thing I did hear unintentionally is that there will be no Evan Peters, Billy Eichner, or Sarah Paulson this season. :confused:
    Won't spoil too much, but at least one of them pretty much confirmed they'll at least make a cameo. Wouldn't be surprised if they all made a cameo.
  • Footage of the HMS Terror

    So one of those weird coincidences that makes it feel like you're the centre of the universe happened to me today.

    I finally got around to watching the first season of the Terror and finished it up last night. The completely out of the blue, this story pops up on my newsfeed. They've just released footage of what the Terror looks like today. It's one of the most well-preserved shipwrecks of all time due to the cold, deep, dark water and the fact that it didn't sink from anything violent. One interesting find is that the Terror's propeller was in the deployed position.

    Crozier's cabin is the only area that was inaccessible and they believe it to be the most well-preserved section of the ship. His logs or notes might still be in his desk.

    It's at least nice to know that they didn't try and drag all the plates back to London.

    They're planning on staying out there another couple of weeks and are planning a similar dive to check out the Erebus.

  • SONY Edges MARVEL Out of Future SPIDER-MAN Movies - Report

    It's a pretty big stretch to call control over an IP a monopoly. If you're going by that definition, pretty much everything is a monopoly. Bald Move would be a monopoly.

    Once Disney owns every major entertainment corporation and the rights to every character ever, then we can start talking monopoly.
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  • Double D's move to Netflix

    Elisa said:
    Let’s also recall that when they were real good, they had GRRM’s books to follow. 
    They don't get nearly enough credit. A lot of the best parts of the show were a direct result of the Double D's making changes to the primary work. They are also amazing at writing scenes with two people in a room talking to each other. There was a ton of fantastic micro-level writing in the last few seasons even if the macro-level stuff was garbage. And also let's not forget the primary material they're trying to adapt is such a shitshow that it's taken 42 years in between books with no end in sight. What if the biggest problem with the last couple seasons was that they were trying to adapt a turd?

    I'm all in for at least the next thing they do. Star Wars is perfect since there are so many people involved in the process to make up for any deficiencies they may have.
  • Rick and Morty

    So is Starburns Audio actually connected to the show? Is this an officially official podcast?