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  • Lost - (Re)watch ——-> Spoiler Free Please.

    The standard network seasons were only for the first three. S4-6 averaged sixteen episodes, IIRC.
    If you break all the multipart episodes up into actual hours of television when it originally aired it was 25-24-23-14-17-18.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Yikes, I really hope the Double D's aren't the lead writers on their Star Wars trilogy. They're amazing at writing dialogue and creating really cool scenarios, but they couldn't give less fucks about kind of narrative logic.

    The episode on its own wasn't awful but they actually managed to make 8X05 worse with the attempts to rationalize what happened. Dany's victory speech, the Tyrion and Jon conversation, and the Dany Jon conversations made it so much worse. She's still talking about liberating people from tyranny when she just killed all the people who were being devastated by tyranny? Cersei was using the people as a weapon, so she just killed the people instead of Cersei?

    Why the fuck would Drogon not immediately incinerate Jon instead of coming to the realization that it was the chair that caused all the drama?

    How would the unsullied know that Jon stabbed her since Drogon flew away with the body?

    In what universe does Grey Worm not immediately end Jon and probably Tyrion?

    In what universe do the unsullied suddenly decide they're going to become a part of the Westerosi politics only to peace out immediately after?

    Did no one know that the Night's Watch wasn't a thing anymore since they all died and their entire reason for being was gone?

    More gremlin water on the Dothraki?

    Can a person who can't do stairs be king?
  • 805 - The Bells

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    Ok so about the episode- I thought the tension was great during the moments when you're waiting for the bells to ring, you know the bells are going to ring because everyone says "ring the bells" and then they ring the bells, with Daenerys sitting there on Drogon the whole time, you're thinking... what if she can't hear them? What if she does some kind of loophole where she starts burning down the city before they actually ring the bells even though everybody already knows that the bells are going to ring? But no! She sits there waiting, the bells ring, everyone but Cersei is saved, and then she BURNS DOWN THE CITY ANYWAY! I thought it was a great buildup to that moment.

    I find Arya's survival somewhat unbelievable given what she went through, and I think they could have made it more believable. She's good at getting in and out of situations but if you see dragon fire take her over and then she's still alive.. What? But the scene where she rode away on a horse was kind of cool. And the makeup job they did on her was great.

    Cleganebowl lived up to the hype. Cersei and Jaime dying together has a certain justice. And that's a pretty horrible death, right? Not really a death to sneer at. 

    My 16 year old is sitting next to me asking why she doesn’t just burn the Red Keep to the ground after she’s done with the Golden Company (point of which being in the show was what?) with Cersi in it which is who she really hates anyway? Why bother burninnthe city itself?

    I struggled to explain it. Basically: she’s “mad”
    She decided she needed fear to rule. So she's instilling fear in case people find out Jon is "the rightful heir" and think they can topple her easily. She wants to show she can win a war by herself (well, with her "child") and doesn't "really" need the North, the Dothraki, the Unsullied or any other army. If she had stood down when the bells rang, there was no guarantee she was going to sit on the Iron Throne without instilling fear in people.
    Burning the Red Keep to the ground after the city surrendered, destroying all those who wronged her with all of the innocent surviving citizens of Kings Landing bearing witness to her power and telling all of their friends and family about it for generations, would accomplish that. Burning the city to the ground can’t be defended except by her being just cray-cray.
    I'm not saying it was a great decision. But she's gained power through brutality many times. Why stop now? 
    Because she'd already won and had all the power.
    Nothing makes a statement of fear like burning down a city that is also the symbol of your hatred, loneliness, insecurities and everything bad that has happened to your family and your friends.

    She stated that no one loves her here (Westeros) and only has fear to rule with. Who is going to try to overthrow her now? Sure she could have burned down the Red Keep instead of choosing violence, but that would not have been narratively satisfying to me.
    Who's left to fear her? She murdered them all. But I guess if the Long Night taught us anything, most people probably survived with minor burns and bruises.
  • 805 - The Bells

    A lot of people seem to be misunderstanding why the genocide wasn't in Dany's character or set up at all. There's been zero setup to suggest that Dany would be capable of murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent surrendering people after she'd decisively won the battle. She decided to murder everyone and everything right when she achieved everything she'd been working towards.

    It would have been so easy to make it all make sense and work too. All they had to do was have the battle not going in her favour and she decides she has to wake the dragon to win and then can't shut it off. That would make sense. The way they did it makes her just acting crazy because she's crazy. It would have even been better if the episode had just opened to dragon genocide immediately after the Missandei death.
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  • 805 - The Bells

    I'm not sure what show people have been watching if they thought that was in character for Dany. She had literally just won the battle and achieved everything she's been fighting for since season one. Then she just decided to burn down the city, killing thousands of innocent people in the process, because ???? I guess the explanation was the coin landed on crazy? It goes against everything Dany has been for the past 8 seasons.

    I guess it's a decent metaphor for the Double D's. Things didn't go as planned, they're not universally loved and praised, so fuck it, burn it all down. There are thousands of ways they could have made it at least somewhat believable that snapped, but to have her snap because their battle plan went exactly as planned and the win was too easy may be the most ridiculous decision in the history of TV. Not earned whatsoever.

    And you want to start nitpicking? How does Jaime get captured and made a prisoner by the same army he was just fighting with to rid the world of the Night King? Was he trotting down the road, yelling to everyone that he'd switched sides again?

    It's too bad the script was such trash because there were some fantastic technical things going on this episode.
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