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  • 2018-19 NHL discussion thread eh

    San Jose fan here. Yes that call was terrible. The ref played the result of a player lying motionless on the ice and assumed it was worse than it was, but like the guy above me said your pk has been dominant all series just hold strong but once they scored two pour building was rolling and we seemed unstoppable. For those of us that have seen all the playoff games there was a similar situation in game to of caps vs Carolina where they got a 5 minute call that wasn’t deserved and they killed all 5 minutes. Yes call was bad but some of it is still on you for not playing well after it. You got a bad call and folded instead of stepping up.

    I agree. That call was rubbish. In the top 3 of things that piss me off in hockey refs calling what they think happened not what they did or didn't see or adding extra for a guy still down on the ice is up there.

    The player fell awkwardly because he got hit after he was unbalanced from the push, not even going to call that a cross check. Also because they it seemed they weren't really sure what actually happened they could have called a double minor instead.

    That being said kill the penalty or at least don't give up a goal every two seconds. Plus they were up 3-1 in the series and gagged it away. Hopefully they will take it as a learning opportunity to be mentally tougher in the playoffs and not whine about the call all offseason.
  • 802 - “An Episode with No Name”

    Jim and A.Ron (or at least A.Ron) is really wanting a more progressive type of governing system at the end of the series, but based on her obsession with being THE one and only ruler sitting on a stupid throne, at this point Dany is the last character who would create that type of government. Iseries.

    Bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee is Dany's MAGA hat
  • One Dimensional Night King

    I've always just had the understanding that The Night King was just a plot device not a character. I had hoped for more in the past but with only 4 episodes left I think it would be worse to try to shoehorn in some meaning to him.
  • 802 - “An Episode with No Name”

    This episode felt like:

    "Here is some fan service because we are going to start killing the fuck out of characters now"

    "OK, some cool stuff here but we only have a few episodes this season, should we waste a whole episode on this?"

    "I promise next week will be like three episodes"

    "OK, is it next week yet?"
  • 802 - “An Episode with No Name”

    Strange observation...almost every scene had a very obvious, loundly crackling fire noise. Not sure if the sound people just messed up or are they trying to tell me something.

    There was some bad sound editing. I don't even think it was fire sounds. It sounded like the levels were all wrong