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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    asmallcat said:
    I think the mocking is from him being mad about it. Also, while there are lots of examples in the past, I am curious if there's any examples post-ww2 of a country selling a large swath of land to another country. I wonder how it would comport with constitutional rights of the citizens in the sold part - would they have to be individually compensated for their private property in the area? Would the selling country have to resettle them? If they stayed, what would they be citizens of? 

    I understand what @CretanBull was getting at. The news cycle mocking started as soon as the initial story was mentioned is what annoyed me. His response to the mocking was true to form, giant orange 5 year old.

    My response was because I'm just getting tired of the editorializing of the news. I want the facts not a left or right slant on it. Most news stories come with their own pre-framed narrative now depending on the source. I shouldn't have to waste time searching for the truth in every news story I read.

    As far as how it would work I have no idea. Since they are self ruling I imaging it would be much  easier than if they were a part of Denmark.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Is Trump's insistence that he wants to buy a country that isn't for sale, with no regard for the people who live there or the people who own it and having a public hissy fit and cancelling a diplomatic trip to Denmark because they refuse to indulge him the greatest example of his mental instability to date?

    Just because Trump says it doesn't make it automatically stupid. The odds are in your favor betting like that but it is not 100%. Just like the strange mocking of the Space Force he can make a cogent thought occasionally. Russia and China are building up satellite killing weapons. We need a section of the military to protect satellites. That is a major national security issue.

    As far as Greenland goes plenty of countries have bought parts of other countries. US bought Alaska and Virgin Islands. Greenland has a lot of natural resources and with climate change there is a lot being uncovered plus the Arctic Circle is opening up and the Russians operating a lot up there. The natives of Greenland run themselves independently locally and Denmark pays a lot of money to them. Doesn't hurt to ask Denmark if they were willing to sell. People there would live the same under US umbrella as a Danish one.

    No harm in asking if they are willing to sell. If they do that is great if not you haven't lost anything.

    There are plenty of reasons and opportunity to mock the giant orange orangutan but occasionally a broken clock is right.

  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post Discussion: Everyone Welcome

    Or yell out "Kick Out the Jams motherfuckers"
  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post: Players Only Please

    CapeGabe said:

    Let's go as a group to The Broken Chestplate. If they are itching for a fight we should all be together.

    I tell Nym to fly overhead and warn of anyone on The Broken Chestplate or any nearby rooftops.
    So you're just going to let Nym fly and rely on his perception and not look through his eyes yourself?

    Yes, I have to walk to there somehow. How far away is it? He should be able to notice people on the roof or anyone advancing on us. Once we get close to The Broken Chestplate I can look through his eyes.
  • Lindsay Ellis' Game of Thrones Retrospective

    Part Two is out! Just when I scrubbed the show from my memory she brings all that sadness back. It is OK because she does a fantastic job of commenting mostly how I feel about the show but way more articulately than my late in the series hate filled rants could.

    It was worth the wait. Excellent takedown on "Those Two Chucklefucks"

    EDIT: Sorry about the link but YouTube is being YouTube and the share button not working for the past few days.
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