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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    10 out of 10

    I just got back from seeing Peter Jackson's WWI documentary They Shall Not Grow Old at the theater and what a great job he did.

    The only narration is actual WWI vets telling their story taken from interviews the BBC did in the 60's and 70's.

    The restored 100 year old film stock is amazing. They make it so clear it looks like it was shot yesterday. It is colorized and they had lip readers come in to transcribe what everyone is saying and then whatever part of the country that regiment was from they had and actor from that area add the voice.

    After the credits there was a 30 minute mini-documentary by Jackson on all the technical work they did and that was excellent also.

    There is only one actual fighting scene as the cameras were too big to carry but there are a few tough scenes to watch of the aftermath.

    I became more interested in WWI after Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast Blueprint for Armageddon and this movie brings home the horror those boys endured. The vets even mentioned some of the stories Dan Carlin mentioned that seems too horrible to be true like men falling off the planks over the mud and once you fell in you were a goner. No one could save you as you slowly sunk to your death.

    I went with my cousin who's squeamish and was hesitant to go but afterward said he was glad he did. They way I look at it is yes, it is unpleasant sometimes to see stuff like that but I owe to the men who never got out of their teens to remember what they went through as I sit in a comfy theater and then grabbed Shake Shack afterwards.
  • Abaddon’s Gate - Book Discussion

    Byrdie said:
    I liked the streamlining they did but I really feel like Sam would've made for a strong arc and was bummed to see her omitted. I don't believe we see Pa in the show, it's just gonna be Drummer absorbing those arcs going forward. I haven't started my rewatch yet but am planning to do so now that Prime has Season 3. 

    Next book comes out in March btw

    It is a shame Drummer is so many characters. Maybe at the end of the series it will be a Cara Gee one woman show.
  • Tolkien (2019)

    I noticed some WWI shots in the trailer. Knowing that Tolkien based Mordor on No Man's Land in WWI was given a new dimension in my mind after listening to Dan Carlin's WWI series. I've seen the pictures but that podcast really bought the horror of that whole war so much clearer.
  • Counterpart on Starz

    Even in the Golden Age of Television the quick trigger on killing a show is ever present.

    Starz has passed on season 3 but the production company is still shopping it around. 

    Same situation as The Expanse last year. Maybe they'll get lucky but I wouldn't hold out hope because the new channel would want the rights to the first two seasons and that is always too expensive.
  • Counterpart on Starz

    I don't know if it was intended but they shifted from a mainly J.K. Simmons perspective to a broader story. I like the story but the two versions of him drove the show early and wonder why they changed.

    If I was a bumper sticker kind of person I would want one that said: We kill people, then we eat breakfast. I imagine it would give me more room out on the road.