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  • Protests Across the America

    asmallcat said:
    rhcoop said:
    Ben said:
    Is that a mounted machine gun!? is that even legal?
    That is a bike rack. 
    I think Ben was joking. 

    (Also, as someone whose real name is Ben, this is very confusing). 
    Hopefully he was, but I wanted to note that non military cars aren't rolling around like GI Joe. 

  • RIP Those Who Died in 2020

    Serenity Now Liberation Always  Pastor Pondering

    It's very sad he passed away, he was one of the best parts of Seinfeld.    Just a pretty funny guy and seemed like a great dad and husband. 
  • ESPN's "The Last Dance" Documentary Series

    MichaelG said:
    @rhcoop @Hatorian

    I'm familiar with the theory, and read the article you posted - not buying it. It's fun to theorize, but it's a conspiracy theory that is completely hearsay. You could say "This is all second or third hand information, but there is so much smoke around this that you can't just dismiss it as a fantasy story." about every conspiracy theory, that's what makes them compelling. 

    The article makes zero mention of Jordan's father being murdered the summer before his retirement. Occam's razor, coupled with no credible journalist finding compelling evidence for a forced retirement by Stern, leads me to dismiss the suspension theory as nonsense, honestly. It's actually quite dark and cynical to speculate Michael and/or Stern used his father's murder as cover for a secret suspension.

    Sure, he gambled compulsively, probably even on basketball games I imagine, but it's very unlikely Stern forced him into retirement as some sort of punishment.   This theory leads to more questions than answers and requires suspension of disbelief on many levels, like most conspiracy theories. 

    Bill Simmons is a known conspiracy theory hobby-ist - I'm not sure if push came to shove he'd bet his life that the theory is actually true, though.
    I would agree with you if there were not so many other theories or outright facts about the NBA being a bit shady the last 25 years. I think they would do anything to avoid a Pete Rose situation in their league.

    But I don't want to argue with you if you just think its just tin foil land. 

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Which products? I have a cat and would be happy to support you and your company. I just bought a new water fountain bowl and soon need to restock on pet food. Except for gardening stuff I'm not really buying anything else right now.
    Teresa, I work for PetSafe.  We have lots of cat focused products.  I know you said you have a fountain, but we make some pretty fountains, feeders and we have a scoop free litter box that is our best product for cats IMO.  We have several laser toys and conventional cat toys as well.  

    We have 3 cats and I have a lot of my company's products in my house for the cats and my dog.  I like the auto feeder as well.  It makes life a lot easier as it will hold about 2 weeks of food and it has an app you can feed your pets on demand. 

    It's a company started and based in Knoxville and it is a medium to large employer in my area.  Our founder is the President of UT Knoxville now so we have deep local roots and we are the company that sponsors many of the Dog parks that are all over the country now. 


    All of these products are on Amazon, but you can buy straight from PetSafe.   Look on here and if you are interested let me know as I can probably help with pricing.  If you or anyone else is let me know and you all can email me. 

    I wasn't trying to turn this into an ad, but I do love the company I work for and I think we help a lot of people and pets. 
    Teresa from ConcordMarciGiovanni
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    This will come off as a brag, but I wanted to highlight that there are some companies treating their employee's well during this time.  I work for a mid size architectural engineering firm (900 employees).  We have had many projects go on hold so we're pretty concerned with future workload.  Our CEO had a town hall and explained what the company was doing in order to keep staff as long as possible.

    1. All non-critical spending is on hold (non project travel, 401K match, training, etc).
    2. CEO 20% pay reduction and principles (qty. 20) 10% pay reduction.
    3. No staff reduction for April and will evaluate month to month.
    4. Company will operate at break even point for up to 6 months.
    5. Future option: Reduced work hours (40 to 30) while maintaining benefits.
    6. Future option: Furloughs for up to 60 days while maintaining benefits.
    7. Future option: Layoffs are the last resort.

    If our clients don’t start their projects back up there will be layoffs, but I'm pretty lucky in the meantime.

    My company is lucky as well because we are essential because we make pet care products.  I'm proud to say that all of our employees are working full time from home except our outward facing pet day care personnel due to obvious lack of demand.   

    I don't think there are any plans to slow down or have any reductions, but we have enacted some of the same steps as your company has. 

    All non critical spending is on hold, all non essential travel and expansion of hires are on hold except for areas that are necessary for managing the business. 

    It will be a tough year for our company because I expect the effect of the virus to hit in April or most likely May.  

    However, one positive side affect of this is that most pet shelters have had a massive expansion of pet adoptions since this quarantine so lots of needy animals have good homes now.  A lot of shelters don't even have any animals available now.   That is great.