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  • Watchmen

    That kind of shocks me.  I assumed HBO would want this to be a tentpole show for them for a few years now that GOT is done. 


  • American Horror Story Season 9 - '1984'

    That's the best season opener they have had in a long while.  

    Now that may be my perception as I prefer the theme this year, but frankly I'm hoping some of the old talent doesn't show up a lot.  I think the change in casting could breathe new life into the show.  
  • New Joker Trailer

    ken hale said:
    @Garthgou81 Braniac is in Superman 3.  Never forget, lol.
    Oh god. I can’t even consider that as a real Braniac adaptation. Though the climax of that is really frightening, or at least to a third grader it was. Just like watching dark-Superman get drunk. 
    The lady getting infected and transformed into to a cyborg haunts my dreams.  It's right up there with the headless witch that has a room full of spare heads in Returns to Oz.

    Drunk Superman vs Clark was an underrated part of all of those movies.  
    ken haleDoctor_Nick
  • New Joker Trailer

    ElSkid said:
    I anybody conflicted about seeing it? Or is anyone definitely not going to see it? I guess probably not in the Joker trailer thread. I’m interested. I also see how the people who came out of Watchmen loving Rorschach could see this as a beacon to disaffected white men who feel society has pushed them to violence and could therefore encourage more of that behavior. I’m also thinking that sounds like the “violent video games are the problem” argument. I am sincerely interested in people’s thought on it. 
    I think this is a small minority yelling loudly like most people do on social media.

    It looks good to me, but I'm a DC fan.  I wish there was more of a hint that Batman is around or about to emerge, but it does look great on its face. 

  • New Joker Trailer

    Dee said:
    @rhcoop His job is to review movies, not review movies he likes. All critics have bias from Pauline Kael and Roger Ebert on down. If you like comic book movies, I guess you just take with a grain of salt the thoughts of a critic who is known to not like them. 
    I get that, but if you can't do a better job of recognizing your own biases and put that aside, that gig isn't for you.  That's a just a fact.